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Year 3/4

Welcome to the Year 3/4 shared area!

Here you will find useful information about the things we do in school and fun links to help you with your learning. 

Who's who?

Teachers                                         PPA Staff                        Support staff

Miss Welch (3/4 Blue)                  Mr Unsworth                   Mrs Ottley-Campbell

Mrs Grace-Britton and                  Madame Ramsden              Miss King

Mrs Fowler (3/4 Red)                      Mr Bell                          Mr Unsworth

Mr Hazell (3/4 Green)                                                           Mrs Burns


These are our topics for the forthcoming year.

Autumn One

Autumn Two

Spring One

Spring Two

Summer One

Summer Two

Sweet tooth

Super sixties

Myths and legends


Anglo Saxons


Home Learning

From Monday 20th April 'weekly' home learning packs can be accessed by clicking on the icon below.