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The Maya

In this topic the children will learn about the significant aspects of the history of the ancient Maya civilisation. They will make connections, and draw contrasts with other civilisations that they have already learned about, such as the ancient Egyptians. The children will find out about the Maya using historical enquiry skills. Through this topic, there will be opportunities for links with other subjects, such as geography, art and RE.

We will begin by looking at where the Maya came from and where their modern ancestors still live today, on the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America.



Water World

This topic is largely geographical and we start by looking at the water cycle. The children will learn about what happens to a raindrop and will find out the scientific vocabulary so they can explain the cycle themselves.

Our trip to Selwicks Bay near Flamborough will allow the children to study the coastal geographical features first hand. This will also combine a science investigation into creatures of the sea-shore, in a rock pool activity.

Later on in the topic, the children will learn about parts of a river as it goes from the source to the sea.