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Children will be given a list of spelling words to learn every Thursday. They will have ONE week to learn these and they will be tested the following Thursday. We recommend that children practice their spellings at home three times over the course of the week and they should do this in the front of their spelling book. 


If a child has lost their spelling list or needs a replacement one, they should collect one from their class teacher. Alternatively, the spelling lists can be downloaded below.

Spelling List 08.07.21. Tested on 15.07.21

Spelling List 17th June. Tested on 24th June

Spelling List 10th June. Tested on 17th June

Spelling list 20th May tested on 27th May

Spelling List 13th May. Tested on 20th May

Spelling list for 29th April

Spelling list 22nd April

Spelling list 15th April. Test on 22nd April

Spelling list 25th March. Test on 15th April

Spelling list 18th March. Test on 25th March

Spelling list 7th January. Test on 14th January.

Year 3/4 curriculum word list

Spellings 10th December. Test on 17th December

Spellings 3rd December. Test on 10th December

Spellings 26th November. Test on 3rd December

Spellings 19th November. Test on 26th November

Spellings 12th November. Test on 19th November

Spellings 5th November. Tested on 12th November

Spellings 22nd October. Tested on 5th November

Spellings 15th October. Tested on 22nd

Spellings 8th October. Tested on the 15th

Spellings 1st October. Tested on the 8th