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We have settled into our new Reception classes and are having lots of fun!!


















Fair Trade Fortnight- We took an imaginary trip to Africa to learn about some of the items that are produced there and how Fair trade helps to support the farmers. We also make some African necklaces and Kente patterns. Later in the week we were visited by a chocolate factory representative who talked us through what happens from plant to chocolate bar. We were able to make some chocolate lolly pops and used some Fair Trade chocolate to make delicious brownies.

Science Week- We investigated floating and sinking as well as magnets. The children also looked at the creatures that we have on the school grounds including newts, frogs and worms. At the end of the week the children went on a rubbish hunt and talked about the materials they had found and what they could be used for.

World Book Day

We went on a winter walk around the school grounds to look for signs of winter.

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 - The year of the rat.

Having fun in EYFS!

Christmas has most definitely arrived in the reception classes ...

Day to day learning in Reception

At the end of October, the children learnt all about the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali. They had the opportunity to engage in lots of practical activities to help them understand how people all around the world who follow the Hindu faith celebrate Diwali. Here are a few of the things they got up to ...

We had a wonderful visit to the library bus in our local community.

Thank you to all the wonderful Grandparents and VIP's who came into school to celebrate Grandparents Day.

We went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn.

Learning is lots of fun!

Yo-Yo Christian Group came into school to tell the reception children an 'I wonder' story. We had lots of fun making predictions and explaining our reasons for our choices.

We had a visit from the Dog's Trust to teach us about safety around dogs.

We took part in balance bike sessions and had great fun learning about handling bikes safely whilst developing our control and co-ordination.

The children have worked with a speciast P.E coach to develop their gymnastic skills. Here they are demonstrating our interesting body shapes.

Reception Class 2019/2020 Settling In

Our final trip of the year ... to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We had a wonderful day and even the sun made an appearance!

Happy Father's Day ... Thank you to all our wonderful Dad's, Grandad's and VIP who gave up their time to come into school to spend some time with their lovely children. We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

The reception children took part in bikability sessions this week. They had lots of fun and learnt how to handle the bikes with care and control.

The children (teachers and parents) had a wonderful day at Monk Park Farm. We saw lots of baby animals and enjoyed a lovely walk around the park in the spring sunshine! Some of us even got to feed the lambs and calves.

Happy Mother's Day ... we invited our Mums/VIP to spend the afternoon in school to celebrate Mother's Day. We had a wondeful time with our special grown up.

We went on a Spring walk around the school grounds to look for signs of spring in our local environment.

As a class treat we came to school dressed in our pyjamas and enjoyed some toast and jam!

We've had a fabulous book themed week.

Many thanks to all the grown ups who have very kindly given up their time to come into to school to share a book with their child's class. We have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

A paramedic came to visit the Reception children with her ambulance. The children learnt about the role of the paramedic and were able to have a look inside the ambulance

We took part in the RSPB Big School's Bird Watch 2019. We made bird feeders to entice the bird to visit our school grounds. We looked carefully for different types of birds living in and around our school environment.

We enjoyed listening to the Year 1 children read aloud their instructions about playtimes.

We have been learning to travel safely and in interesting ways across, over, under and through the P.E apparatus.

We've come back to school after our Christmas holidays with a really positive attitude to learning. We've had lots of fun learning about winter this week.

We went on a winter walk around the school gardens to look for sings of winter. We also looked at how the environment had changed since the Autumn time.

Christmas fun!

Yo-Yo Trust came into school to tell the Christmas story.

Forest Schools Fun!!