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Photographs will now be available for the parents of our current Reception pupils on Seesaw.
This week, we enjoyed a fantastic session looking at a range of toys which celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each and everyone of us. The display and toys were very kindly provided by 'Toys Like Me', a company which celebrate disability represented through arts and play. We started with a discussion about our favourite toys and what they look like. We then had the opportunity to explore some of the lovely toys which reflect a range of disabilities. Each toy was accompanied by a special letter and the children had to use their listening skills to match each letter to the correct toy. Afterwards, we took the opportunity to look at the big banners displayed around the hall, which portrayed a range of toys reflecting different disabilities and supporting resources, including equipment such as a hearing aid, a walking cane and guide dog, a wheelchair. These created a lot of interest and discussion about disabilities. We concluded that we are all unique and special in our own way.

The children took part in bikability sessions led by the Local Authority. They had lots of fun developing their balance and coordination skills. They learned about bike safety and developed their awareness of space around themselves and others.

We learned about the amazing ways that Children in Need support lots of children who are less fortunate than us. We took part in lots of fun Children in Need activities, including the Joe Wicks 'Keep Active' sessions.

The children learned about the significance of Remembrance Day. They watched a video and created some poppies to decorate the classroom.

We went on an Autumn walk to look for signs of Autumn. We found lots of autumn coloured leaves, acorns, nuts, decaying plant matter and left over pumpkins. We used the photograph tool on the I-pads to record our observations.

Bonfire Night, the start of our 'People Who Help Us' Thursday topic and Bikeability fun!

More fun and learning!

This week we have been learning about the Italian artist Arcimboldo who liked to paint pictures using food as a stimulus. Here are some of our food faces based upon Arcimboldo's work.

In our P.E lessons, we have been learning to make gymnastic shapes with our bodies. We have learned about the star, tuck, straight, pike and straddle positions. Here we are performing and perfecting our positions.

We have settled into our new Reception classes and are having lots of fun!!


















Fair Trade Fortnight- We took an imaginary trip to Africa to learn about some of the items that are produced there and how Fair trade helps to support the farmers. We also make some African necklaces and Kente patterns. Later in the week we were visited by a chocolate factory representative who talked us through what happens from plant to chocolate bar. We were able to make some chocolate lolly pops and used some Fair Trade chocolate to make delicious brownies.

Science Week- We investigated floating and sinking as well as magnets. The children also looked at the creatures that we have on the school grounds including newts, frogs and worms. At the end of the week the children went on a rubbish hunt and talked about the materials they had found and what they could be used for.

World Book Day

We went on a winter walk around the school grounds to look for signs of winter.

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 - The year of the rat.

Having fun in EYFS!

Christmas has most definitely arrived in the reception classes ...

Day to day learning in Reception

At the end of October, the children learnt all about the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali. They had the opportunity to engage in lots of practical activities to help them understand how people all around the world who follow the Hindu faith celebrate Diwali. Here are a few of the things they got up to ...