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Values & Ethos

Mission Statement

Working together to ensure that all children will reach their full potential in a happy, caring, safe and respectful environment.


We strive for educational excellence, with a strong focus on teaching and learning within a creative and rich learning environment. We promote a vibrant learning culture for children and staff, where we all work hard together as a strong team to make a difference.

Ethos and values

We have a strong school ethos and values where all members are valued, honest, tolerant, have social responsibility, and promote high expectations of pupils in terms of learning and behaviour.

Below are our core values: attributes and behaviours that we want to help everybody at Headlands develop during their time at school. We believe that these behaviours will help children to become better lifelong learners and make Headlands a happy and supportive environment for learning.

Children and adults at Headlands show respect for one another, for themselves and for their environment.

Children and adults at Headlands persevere in the face of challenges and stay calm in stressful situations. They take risks and understand the value of making mistakes.

Children and adults at Headlands are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and show concern and care for others, both within and outside of the school.  They look after one another and can put others before themselves.

Children and adults at Headlands can think for themselves and find creative solutions to problems.

Children and adults at Headlands challenge themselves to be the best they can.

Children and adults at Headlands can resist distraction and make good decisions. They have the skills needed to work alone or as part of a group. They take ownership of their learning and know what they need to do to make progress.

Headlands Primary School

Core Values

With effort and determination, we will strive to be:



kind and empathetic