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School Council

School Council 2023-24

Welcome to our new School Council members for 2023-24. We had a wonderful first meeting today where the children talked about what made a good school council member and why they were chosen. We also started to discuss ideas they had for the next school year and ways in which we could improve our school environment. 

Playground markings:

School council voted for their favourite playground markings. We were given a budget to spend, and we discussed where they would be placed in the playground.


Outdoor dance shelter:

In school council, we have discussed having an outside shelter on the KS2 playground. We were delighted when the dance shelter was built and it has been well used by all of KS2.



School Council 2022-23

Walk to school week

Thank you for everyone who has taken part in our ‘Walk to School’ week. We hope

that you have enjoyed walking, biking or scooting to school this week. 🚲 🛴 🦶 

Red Nose Day

Well done and thank you!

Thank you for all the amazing entries. We have all really enjoyed looking through the wonderful habitats that you have created. Here are some of the wonderful creations.

Red Nose Day Competition

School council have been keen to generate an awareness of Red Nose Day within school. We have organised a competition where children have been asked to design and create a habitat for a RND creature. We are awaiting all of the responses and the winners will be announced in assembly in Friday 18th March. Good luck!

Playground equipment

At one of our School Council meetings, we have discussed improving playtimes. We have been very lucky to be given a budget to buy new playground equipment and have chosen some exciting new balls, toys, hoops and skipping ropes. We hope that you all enjoy playing with the new equipment!

Our school council representatives.