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Safeguarding Within the Curriculum

At Headlands, one of our main priorities is that our children are safe and know how to keep themselves safe. Keep Children Safe in Education states that: “Schools and colleges play a crucial role in preventative education.”

Our safeguarding curriculum is developed as a way of informing our children how to safeguard themselves. Through the Jigsaw programme, children will learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as being taught about who to talk to when they have concerns. Jigsaw also aims to equip them to lead safe, happy and healthy lives, to embrace the opportunities open to them, to aim high, and to be empowered to keep themselves safe, know their rights and responsibilities and know where and how to ask for help when needed.

In addition to the Jigsaw programme, we also find other opportunities such as assemblies to promote safeguarding. This also includes teaching online safety within computing lessons and delivering NSPCC programmes such as PANTS within class as and when the need arise.

If you would like any more information on supporting children at home, safeguarding themselves, the NSPCC and childline links are a useful port of call for parents.