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Extra-Curricular Activities Overview

Here is an overview of the clubs on offer throughout the school this Term. 


Before School


After School


Y 1/2 Total Sports Dodgeball

Y 3/4 Craft Club

Y1/2 Wild Gardening Club, Mr Mulholland


Y3/4 Total Sport Basketball 

Y3/4 Maths Club,               Miss Welch


School Football Team         Mr. Bissett

 Y 3/4 Wild Gardening Club, Mr. Mulholland


Y 3/4/5/6 ABC KS2 Tennis

Y5/6 Run a Mile Club  Mrs. Long

Y4/5/6 Girls’ Football        Mr. Bissett

Y 5/6 Wild Gardening Club, Mr. Mulholland


Y 1/2 Kinesis Dance TBC

Y3/4 Maths Club,               Miss Welch

Y 3/4 Run a mile,          Mrs. Fowler (break time)

Y1-6 York City Foundation Football 

Take Note Choir,                 Miss King


Y 5/6 Total Sports Basketball



 Please visit the 'Parents' tab for the club's letters and leaflets

Drop off and collection for clubs 

If your child is arriving for a morning club, please wait with your child on the path outside the main entrance, where the coach will meet you. Parents must wait with their children and arrive on time since late arrivals cannot be catered for. Parents will not be allowed in the school building. The coaches will ensure the children go to class when the club finishes.

After school clubs will begin with the coach collecting the children from the infant playground as the children line up (or from the decking in Key Stage Two). Parents will not be allowed on site to supervise changing or to spectate. When the clubs finish, please arrive on time. Dismissal will be the same as the usual end of the school day procedure. Please wait at the infant gate and the coach will invite you in for collection.

If you have any questions, please contact the coach directly.