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Mr Hazell

Welcome to 3/4 Green!

Here, you will find lots of information, pictures and videos about all of the exciting things we get up to throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Mr Hazell 

We used play dough to recreate the process of sedimentary rock formation by piling up small pieces of two colours. When we then crushed it down, we could see the two layers of different colours, just like we saw in real sedimentary rocks.

Thank you to Noah who brought in some rocks his neighbour found when caving. We loved seeing them and worked out which type of rock they were.

We learnt about the Egyptian gods and enjoyed playing top trumps with them. We even got to make our own!

Our final day before half term was filled with lots of spooky fun! Mr Hazell mummified a tomato and we all made potions in the woods. Check out some of our fabulous costumes too!

YoYo came in again and taught us about Harvest. We heard about Jesus feeding 5000 people using just a small lunch! We talked about what we are thankful for and thought about others who have less than us too.

We loved visiting the shaduf that Mr Mulholland had made in the pond area. It showed us how Egyptians used to get water from the Nile without going too near the crocodiles! It was also much easier to lift the bucket when it was attached to the shaduf.

We have been learning five new body shapes in gymnastics and have made balances using them.

Hieroglyphics are very interesting and we enjoyed writing our initials on a cartouche, just like pharaohs used to! We even hand a go at hieroglyphics hangman!

As part of our ‘living things and their habitats’ topic in science, we explored organisms in our school wood and recorded their habitats.

We loved hearing from Miss King about her year in Chad. It was interesting to see what life there was like and we noticed that it is close to Egypt (our topic area!)