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Welcome to 3/ 4 blue where we share photos, videos and information of the exciting and fun things we have been learning about in school!

We made different types of rock out of chocolate explaining the process. 

Sedimentary rock

Sedimentary rocks are formed when layers of sediment compress together and it solidifies. Here we used layers of grated white and milk chocolate to represent the sediment. We compressed the chocolate into a piece of cling film. 

Metamorphic rock

 The heat from nearby magma and pressure from the earth changes the rock. Here we warmed up the chocolate by squeezing it with our hands. 

Igneous rock

Igneous rock is formed from volcano magma. When it has finally cooled, it becomes igneous rock. Here we used hot water to represent the magma and let it cool for half an hour before unravelling our cling film and having a close and careful look at our igneous chocolate rock!

Poppy chalk pictures for Remembrance Day

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Really impressed with all the spooktacular Halloween outfits in our class

Having a go with our own Mr Mulholland made Egyptian shadoof!

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Our finished papyrus paper with hieroglyphic prints

Creating printing blocks for Egyptian hieroglyphics

Thank you to Marian and Tamsin from YoYo (York Schools and Youth Trust) who came and read us a story from the bible today. We discussed what happens when we worry about things and thought of strategies on how to deal with our worries. 

Creating Egyptian sunset pictures

Representing numbers to 1000 in maths!

Designing our own Egyptian Sarcophagus

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