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Miss King

Maths, 24.9.21

We have been reading, comparing, and ordering large numbers a lot this week. We can read numbers with up to 12 digits now! Today, we were ordering famous people by their activity on Twitter. Did you know, Headlands has more tweets than Taylor Swift?

There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

by Louis Sachar

Bradley is beginning to change. He is friends again with Jeff, he plays basketball with the other boys (though he isn't very good), he is trying to do his homework and he even said "hi" to the girls. Bradley has now been invited to Colleen's birthday party, which he is very excited about! He isn't sure what to buy her though, but Carla says to buy her a present from the heart. In chapter 37, Carla had to attend a meeting of the 'Concerned Parents' Organisation', which didn't seem to go very well.


We read up to the end of chapter 37, so this is where I will begin! There are 47 chapters in the book...

Chapter 38

What do you think Bradley will decide?

Chapter 39

This is one of the short chapters from the point of view of Bradley's animals.

Chapter 40

Do you think Bradley will go back to his 'old ways'? Why or why not?