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Miss King

Macbeth 15.4.21

We have now started looking at Shakespeare's Macbeth in Year 5/6. We began by acting out the battle which opens the play. The Scottish army (under King Duncan) is fighting against Norway and Macdonwald's rebel army...

Remembrance 6.11.20

Miss King's literacy group have used Remembrance Day as a theme in reading sessions this week, including reading and analysing 'In Flanders Fields'. We created a display to show our own hopes and dreams for the future.

Monster Writing in the Woods 1.10.20

Miss King's literacy group spent a morning in the woods to help gather words and ideas for our writing. Our invented monster lives in a swampy rainforest in Africa... but the school woods was the closest we could get!

Real-Life Maths 28.9.20

Today we researched average temperatures in countries throughout the world to help us understand and calculate with negative numbers.