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Children in Y5/6 have several pieces of homework to complete, which are spread throughout the week. In Year 5/6, we would expect that children should spend approximately 30 minutes per night on either spellings, times tables, MyMaths, maths homework books, literacy homework (or their project), in addition to daily reading. The class teachers set and check all homework.




These are set via SpellingFrame [link], where children should use their login (stuck in planners) to access the weekly list set for them. Spelling Frame allows children to play games to practise the list before taking the test. They can take the test more than once if they need to but should take it at least once before the following Monday.



Homework will usually be linked to grammar and will be set online via Studyladder [link] where children use their login (stuck in planners) to access the required homework assignments. They will find the tasks listed in the 'Lessons' section; these autosave as the children complete them and teachers will check that your child has completed all set tasks each week.



Children in Year 5/6 are expected to read daily, and they must read aloud to an adult at least 3 times each week. You should sign your child's planner on the dates that they read to you as we will expect children to have at least three signatures per week to evidence their reading.



There will be two homework projects per year and these will replace the children's usual literacy homework.




This is set each week, but the children have a fortnight to complete it as we alternate between setting MyMaths [link] homework online and using the numbered Maths arithmetic books.



If a pupil does not hand their homework in on the required day, they are given an extra day to complete it (a sticker will be placed in their planner to remind them). If it is still not brought in, they will be given the opportunity to complete the work at break time.