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Awards and Achievements

Each week a member of the class is chosen for a special mention in our whole school celebration assembly. They are awarded a certificate for their achievements and efforts throughout the week. This may include trying very hard in a particular area of the curriculum, being a caring, considerate, helpful member of the class or simply being a special friend. 


Below is a list of the children who have been awarded this special certificate ...

Massive congratulations to Myla C in Mrs. Neville's class who was awarded the Reception Star trophy for her positive attitude to learning in school ad being such a fantastic role model for others.

Also huge congratulations to Caelan in Mrs. Neville's class who was awarded the Infant behaviour trophy for his outstanding behaviour in and around the school throughout the first half term. You truly are an example to all!

Well done to both of you ... two thoroughly deserved awards!! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Friday 18th October

Congratulations to Seth in Mrs. Neville's class who was awarded the 'Star of the Week' certificate for his amazing pattern work. in our maths lessons Seth can confidently create, continue and describe a range of interesting and detailed repeating patterns. smiley yes smiley


Friday 11th October

Congratulations to Isla B in Miss Thompson's class you are this week's 'Star of the Week'. You have received this honour because of your fantastic independent use of topic vocabulary during your lesson about the 5 senses. Well done. coolyes


Congratulations to Lewis in Mrs. Neville's class for his contributions in Forest Schools. Lewis is always very enthusiastic and keen to participate. Fantastic work Lewis! smiley yes smiley



Friday 4th October 2019

Well done Caelan in Mrs. Neville's class. You have been awarded the 'Star of the Week' for being a super member of the class. Caelan always sits beautifully on the carpet ready to learn and is always helping others. yes smiley yes


Liam you are Miss Thompson's ' Star of the Week' this week because of your growing independence and attitude towards working as part of a team. Congratulations, keep up the good work.laugh

Friday 27th September 2019

Congratulations Amelie Gi in Mrs. Neville's class - you are this week's super star. Amelie has been awarded the 'Star of the Week' for setting herself mini challenges to further develop and refine her learning. You have demonstrated great enthusiasm and dedication towards your work. Well done! yes yes yes


Phoebe you are Miss Thompson's 'Star of the Week' this week. You have earned this title because of your amazing phonics work. You took your time to listen to the initial sounds in some words so that you could write them to label your body sheet. Well done you.enlightened


Friday 20th September 2019

Well done to Binky in Mrs. Neville's class who has been chosen as the 'Star of the Week'. Binky has demonstrated amazing care, control and co-ordination in our gymnastics lessons. She has listened carefully to instructions and executed her movements with precision and demonstrated great core strength. Fantastic work Binky. heart yes heart


Congratulations to Jaxon in Miss Thompson's class. You are this weeks 'Star of the Week' because of your OUTSTANDING respect and enthusiasm with your team and learning!yessmiley

Friday 13th September 2019

Miss Thompson has chosen her whole class to receive the Star of the Week certificate this week! You have all settled into Reception life so quickly and you are all amazingly considerate, well-mannered and fantastic learners.heartyes


Congratulations to Myla C who was the star of the week in Mrs. Neville's class. Myla  always tries her best and is a wonderful role-model for the rest of her class team. Well done Myla. smiley yessmiley


Friday 6th September 2019

A huge well done to Mrs. Neville's class for settling into school so well throughout your first well. I'm very proud of each and everyone of you. no no no


Congratulations to Sienna in Miss Thompson's class. You are this week's shining star. You have settled into Reception with a huge smile. Well done.