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A Very Warm Welcome To Our Page...


We are so excited to start a new year with you all and what a busy but fun year we have planned! 
Here we hope to share with you everything we have been up to and all the learning that happens in and outside of the classroom.

We have two class teachers leading our class. Mrs Johnson works every Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Benson works every Thursday and Friday, alternating Wednesdays between them both. We also have Mrs Huffer working with us for the Autumn term while she trains to be a teacher. Mrs Thackery also supports in class in the mornings too.

Watch this space over the next upcoming weeks to meet our wonderful classmates and share the fun we will be having! 

Say cheeeeese! 

2021 - 2022

See below what we have been upto! smiley

Diversity Week. We have had a great week thinking about differences and similarities and learning all about some famous women in history

Assembling and testing our Battering Rams!

We have worked really hard this week finishing our Battering Rams. We have learned how to hammer safely and attach our axles to our wheels and chassis. Then we had alot of fun testing our Battering Rams with walls that we had built, seeing if the winder mechanism worked affectively, evaluated how successful they were and how our designs could be improved. Maybe you could have a go at making new and improved models at home. 

Meet our class school council representatives who were voted in by the class to go to school council meetings and feedback what they have been doing.

We have had lots of fun this week investigating wheels, axles and winders on wind up cars. We have started to make our own Battering Ram which will include these mechanisms. The first job was to create our axles, accurately measuring dowel to 10cm and then learning how to saw safely and correctly.

In science we were investigating which material would be most suitable to make a curtain wall. Ask your child to find out which performed the best and the reasons why!

Our topic is CASTLES and we started our literacy this week by matching castle pictures to the correct captions

After the materials hunt we sorted some objects depending on their properties

A materials hunt around the school grounds for our science topic 'All about materials'

September 2020 - July 2021

Limerick Day

Still image for this video
To celebrate Edward Lear's birthday. We read a range of limericks and performed them to each other. Here is a little example of one!

Moving Pictures Gallery - This week we designed and created our own moving pictures using at least 2 mechanisms. We based it around our mythical creatures theme.

Number Day - We had great fun today working and playing with numbers. Here are some of the amazing 'number' costumes the children came to school in.

Our DT project this half term is to investigate and create a moving picture. Today we learned the name of different mechanisms and tried to spot them in a collection of pop up books. Why not have a look at your books at home. Do any of them have levers, hinges, wheels or sliders in?

We are very pleased to announce out Peer Mentors for this half term! It is such a tricky choice for us as we could choose all of the class but we have 10 badges to give out. Well done to Blake, Flossie, Georgia, Jess, Isla, Izzy, Lewis, Louie and Thomas for showing resilience and an excellent attitude to learning over the last term in school and at home!

Welcome Back!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and we have already had a great start to the Summer Term. Our topic is ... Mythical Creatures and Fantasy Lands.

This week we are looking at describing characters and settings. The first story we have delved into is 'Dave the Lonely Monster'. We described the setting of his cave using lots of adjectives and fronted adverbials in class. Then we adventured into the woods and used our team work skills to create our own 'Dave's Cave'. We even played some rock music loudly and had our own rave. Have a look at our photos to see what we created!

Wishing you all a very happy Easter

The children have settled back into school life so well these past 3 weeks. We are so proud of every single one of them. 

Jigsaw Jack helping us make worry monsters in PSHE

Christmas Party Time!! The children had a great time at their Christmas Party! It was slightly different from previous years but they still had great fun playing bingo, pass the parcel, musical statues, musical bumps, 12 days of Christmas game, dancing competitions and learning Christmas dance routines. The children have well and truly deserved a treat this week as they have been total superstars this term. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that everyone has a happy and safe festive season!

Eric Carle Collages - We looked at different painting and collage techniques used by Eric Carle and created our own pieces of animal art. They look amazing and we have chosen some to be displayed in the hall. What a great bunch of artists we have!

I See a Song. We watched an Eric Carle animation showing us how music can be interpretted pictorials. We listened to a piece of classical music and created our own soundscapes.

Our Boggart Puppets. We have researched, explored, experimented, designed, practised, sewn and made. Now our puppets are finally finished!

Celebrating differences - This week we had the opportunutiy to look at a range of 'toys like us' and images celebrating differences and differ'bility. We learnt lots of new vocabulary and compared these toys to the toys we have at home.

Children in Need - as part of our PSHE we learnt about the importance of 'Children in Need' day and focussed on what we are thankful for. The children created some awesone 'Trees of Gratitude'.

Poppies - We learnt all about the significance of Remembrance Day today and created our own poppies to display in school.

The Wonderful World of Eric Carle - This half term we are learning all about Eric Carle and taking inspiration from his stories. We learnt facts about him then completed a true or false quiz.

Congratulations to our peer mentors for Autumn 2. These pupils have impressed us with their behaviour and attitude to learning so far this year. A big round of applause to Charlie, Jamie, William, Liam, Charlotte, Molly and Ollie!

We have been using the chrome books this week to use 'See Saw'. We have taken and uploaded photos of our work which is something we might have to do when we complete any homelearning.

Autumn's here! We hope you had a lovely half term break enjoying the great outdoors. In the first week back, we are learning about the seasonal changes in Autumn. We had a lovely Autumn walk around the school grounds and collected things for our Autumn jar. We also had a look at some sunflower heads from Mrs Johnson's garden and picked out the seeds ready to plant in Spring.

Spooky 'end of half term' Fun! We had a great day dressing up and doing some halloween activities. Can you spot your ghostly ghoul, wicked witch or cunning cat?

We really enjoyed having a go on the chrome books today. We were leanring how to log on with a user name and password

Yo Yo guests! We were lucky enough to be visited by the Yo Yo team who shared with us a story (with the help of Henry the mouse) to talk about worrying and how to manage it.

Christmas came early to Headlands this week! We have made Christmas card designs to help raise money for our PTA. They will be coming home shortly for you make orders in time for Christmas.

Congratulations to our  peer mentors for Autumn 1


Each half term we choose some children from the class to be peer mentors. They are chosen as they have already been noticed in the classroom and on the playground for their exemplary behaviour and setting a good example to others. 

This half term peer mentors are: Ellena, Lydia, Millie, Emma, Izzy, Robbie, Thomas and Zac. 

Yay, it's Friday and our first week together is done. We've had so much fun!!

Meeting jigsaw jack during circle time

Labelling our bodies for our science topic .... MARVELLOUS ME!

If you go down in the woods today.... On our first day as a new class we explored the school woods to complete a task for Mr Mulholland but we discovered something very peculiar indeed!