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Science Week!

World Book Day Fun!


Have a look through some of the photos of our fabulous costumes based on 'Our favourite book character' Can you guess who the characters are from our fashion show?

Sacred Books


This week a lovely lady called Tamsin visited us from YoYo to talk with us about Christian beliefs and share a bible story 'Zacchaeus meeting Jesus'.  We then looked at the parable of 'The Good Samaritan' and took on the role of the various characters we met in the story to write about their thoughts and discuss the meaning/message behind the story about being kind to others and being a good neighbour to those who may need our help.


We then shifted our focus onto the Jewish religion, to learn about the importance of their special text, the Torah through videos and information.  We really enjoyed making our own Torah complete with our own yad.  Take a look at how we made them!

Fair -Trade Learning


What an exciting start to the half term - we have been exploring how we are connected to farmers in West Africa!  We have learnt about where some of our food comes from and explored the different culture of countries such as Sierra Leone and Ghana.


We have discussed how we can make life fairer for everyone by choosing to buy fairtrade.


After finding out about the process of cocoa bean to chocolate bar, we compared the taste of non-Fairtrade chocolate with Fairtrade chocolate.


On Tuesday we worked in groups to compare West Africa to the UK and we began to think about Human and Physical features.


Take a look at our photos from Monday and Tuesday:





Fair Trade Learning

Year 1/2 assembly to begin Fairtrade learning!
working together in teams we discussed the images
Let's compare the chocolate!
Non-Fairtrade chocolate first
Let's try it!
Fairtrade chocolate
Jamie said it was "DELICIOUS!"
Writing down our thoughts about our taste test.
What do you think?
It is good to help the world become a fairer place
Look at all our learning!

Sorting a selection of different images and maps

sorting images, maps and flags.  Uk?  West Africa?
On Wednesday we looked at 'A day in the life of Beshey' who is a young boy who lives in West Africa. We sorted his daily activities into weekdays and weekends and then produced some fabulous writing based on our research. 
On Friday we had Mr Costello come in to talk to use about how Nestle use fair trade chocolate and the process involved from the cocoa plant to the finished chocolate product. We got to taste some different kinds of chocolate and make a chocolate lolly. 
Safer Internet Day

The February half-term holiday is fast approaching so we are thinking about keeping safe.


On Monday, the local PCSO's came in to talk to us about keeping safe and not talking to strangers.


Later in the week, the digital leaders from Upper Key Stage 2 led a session about 'Being Kind Online'.  We listened to a story with a message, discussed the importance of being kind when online and then practised sending compliments to each other - this resulted in lots of happy children.  

Thank you to the digital leaders for such a great session!

Take a look at the pics - the digital leaders and using writing and sharing messages

Spectacular Writing!


We have been enjoying studying the stories 'Icarus' and 'George and the Dragon' to complete our topic with a focus on wings. 


Recently we have been focusing on using conjunctions to retell sections of 'George and the Dragon'. 

The Year 2's are using checklists to really focus in on the technical features in their writing.  

Take a look at our fabulous writing - we are working so hard!

Hard workers!

R.E Learning


We have been learning about the Islamic religion and know have knowledge about the five pillars of Islam and the month of Ramadan which finishes with the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.  The tasty coconut squares we made this week are a sweet treat Muslims enjoy during Eid celebrations.  Take a look at the photographs of us making the coconut squares and find out our opinion after sampling them.




Making Eid Sweets

Jack weighed out the coconut
Jessie mixed the ingredients
Mrs Allington tipped in the condensed milk
George got all sticky mixing!
Heidi also got very sticky mixing!
Adding 2 drops of pink food colouring
Flossie carefully rolling out the pink mixture
Millie carefully rolling out the white mixture
Look at our mixture ready for the fridge.
Tasting time!
Yum yum!
This deserves thumbs up!
We like this!
12th November:  It was such a fun morning being able to zoom around the playground to inspire us for writing reports about scooters.  We began by labelling the parts of a scooter and talking about our safety.  Then we thought lots of about getting our scooters to move, how we sped up and slowed down to stop.  Through our class discussion we came up with a terrific word bank for use this week to support our extended writing.  We enjoyed our scooter session and look forward to writing some super reports.  Watch this space... 

Scooting Fun!

Our super stretchy, squashy, twisty and bendy experiment!


We have been testing different objects made from different materials and looking at if they can change shape by the following actions.  Take a look at us exploring!

Our Ahlberg Dress-up Day!

Take a look at our amazing costumes!
What would we do with our millions?

Hello from Yr 1/2 red!

Welcome to our class web page! Mrs Allington and Mrs Benson are lucky to share our wonderful class and we are excited about the great year we have ahead of us!  


We will be updating this page regularly to share photos, videos, work and information so you can see the fun we get up to!


Our first day - off to a great start!

What a lovely first day we've had!  All the children have settled in brilliantly to their new class.  Hello from us all!