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12th November:  It was such a fun morning being able to zoom around the playground to inspire us for writing reports about scooters.  We began by labelling the parts of a scooter and talking about our safety.  Then we thought lots of about getting our scooters to move, how we sped up and slowed down to stop.  Through our class discussion we came up with a terrific word bank for use this week to support our extended writing.  We enjoyed our scooter session and look forward to writing some super reports.  Watch this space... 

Scooting Fun!

Scooting Fun! 1
Scooting Fun! 2
Scooting Fun! 3
Scooting Fun! 4
Scooting Fun! 5
Scooting Fun! 6
Scooting Fun! 7
Scooting Fun! 8
Scooting Fun! 9
Scooting Fun! 10
Scooting Fun! 11

Our super stretchy, squashy, twisty and bendy experiment!


We have been testing different objects made from different materials and looking at if they can change shape by the following actions.  Take a look at us exploring!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Our Ahlberg Dress-up Day!

Our Ahlberg Dress-up Day! 1 Take a look at our amazing costumes!
Picture 1 What would we do with our millions?
Picture 2

Hello from Yr 1/2 red!

Welcome to our class web page! Mrs Allington and Mrs Benson are lucky to share our wonderful class and we are excited about the great year we have ahead of us!  


We will be updating this page regularly to share photos, videos, work and information so you can see the fun we get up to!


Our first day - off to a great start!

What a lovely first day we've had!  All the children have settled in brilliantly to their new class.  Hello from us all!

Picture 1