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Welcome to the 1/2 Green homepage!

Tune in here from time to time to catch up on what the children in Mr Park's class have been up to in school.



STAR OF THE WEEK (20.11.20)


STAR OF THE WEEK (13.11.20)


STAR OF THE WEEK (6.11.20)

STAR OF THE WEEK (16.10.20)

STAR OF THE WEEK (9.10.20)

STAR OF THE WEEK (2.10.20)

The children also took selfies using iPads for our 'Marvellous Me' topic.

We did star jumps for a display on our first day!

A tremendous welcome to all 1/2 Green children and their parents!

The new school year is now upon us and we are all raring to get stuck into all the learning opportunities and fun that makes our school such a vibrant place to be.


As well as Mr Park who will be teaching all week, you will see Ms Seargent (a familiar face for some children!) who supports in class from Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoons Mr Mulholland, Madame Ramsden and Mr Bell will be taking turns to cover Mr Park's planning time.

This page will be regularly updated with exiting news, topics, photos and videos. Watch this space!