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A Big Hello to all Y1/2 Blue Children and Adults

Whether your child is new to Key Stage One or returning for their second year, I extend a very warm welcome to you all.


The posts on this page will give you a great insight into the many things your child has been learning about and getting up to throughout the weeks ahead. New content will be uploaded 'most recent first'; ensuring you can see straight away the current and exciting things we've been up to.


As well as myself, the children in One/Two Blue will once again be taught by Mrs Allington and Madame Ramsden.  I will be teaching each morning with Mrs Allington teaching on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon and Madame Ramsden on a Thursday and Friday afternoon. On Wednesday afternoons, the children across Year One and Two will be taught as usual by either Madame Ramsden, Mr Mulholland or Mr Meeke.


With so much to fit in and celebrate, let's get started!

Mrs Pearce laugh




What will this year bring? I can't wait to find out, can you?


1, 2, 3 ... roll!

The sun was shining and the eggs were rolling; we had a fabulous time. Well done to everyone for taking part with enthusiasm and the right amount of sporting spirit. Hip, hip hooray to Maisy who was crowned the Y12 Blue Egg Rolling Champion of 2022.

Gem Jar Treat

It was lovely to see the children playing together and sharing their things from home. Well done Y12 Blue; you are amazing!

A Warm Welcome Back to Yo-Yo

Tamsin from Yo-Yo came into school to share with us why Easter is a really important time of the year for Christians here and around the world. To discover what Christian's believe, we had to 'crack' the clues that Tamsin had hidden within the Easter Eggs. She also taught us a song to help us remember what we had learnt during the assembly.


Fabulous Fluency

Each week we focus on a different text and use it to practise and improve our fluency. Now that we are becoming fantastically fluent, we thought you might like to hear us reading aloud. As well as reading fluently, we have tried to engage you with our use of expression and intonation. This week our fluency text was a poem linked to our learning in science and the theme of spring.


The Egg Song

Still image for this video

Seasonal Changes: Spring

As part of our work in science this week we have been using different methods of enquiry to find out how the world around us changes as we go from winter into spring. Using our science superheroes 'Spy Magnus', 'Commander Classify' and 'Billy Book head' to help us with our investigations and question answering we have learnt a great deal. 

London's Burning ... Pour on Water!

In 1666 there wasn't a fire service so the inhabitants of London would have had to work together to put out the fires. With only leather buckets, axes and fire hooks, people would have filled buckets with water from the River Thames before forming a human chain, passing the bucket from person to person. We found out that it is not as easy as it sounds!


A year after the Great Fire, a fire service was formed although people had to pay for their services. We have learned all about how the fire service has changed over time, particularly how fire fighting equipment and uniforms have become more advanced. We were quite shocked to learn that it was only as recently as 1982, that women were allowed to fight fires alongside male firefighters.

It's Harder Than It Looks!

Still image for this video

Happy 25th Birthday World Book Day

To help Headlands reach its target of sharing 25 texts over the course of the day, we enjoyed listening to and engaging with the following stories: Mr Wolf's Pancakes, Sam's Pizza and Detective Dog. Take a peek at some of the activities we completed and the fabulous book characters we came dressed up as. Aren't books brilliant? We definitely think so!

Being Super Scientists with Captain Peeko

We enjoyed working scientifically today and using our enquiry skills to seek out patterns. We were able to explain that when we hit the bottle, we pushed the air contained within it into the mouse which then propelled the mouse upwards. Those of us who had succeeded in making a tight cone, with only a small gap at the vertex, found our mouse went higher than others on our table because more air was trapped inside the cone. Mice launched from a bigger bottle also tended to go higher. Can you explain why this might be?


Who knew you could have so much fun and learn so much with just a plastic bottle and a paper mouse! Watch our video to see just how much fun we had.

Awe and Wonder

Still image for this video

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday Ella, one of our school's fantastic Digital Leaders came and taught us how to stay safe on line when 'gaming'. We discussed how important it is to be respectful of others when playing online and be kind. We also talked about what we should do if we felt someone was being unkind or disrespectful to us. We know we should tell an adult.

Well done Theo for designing the winning E Safety poster for our class. It is on our whole school 'E Safety' display for all to read.

Dress to Express

As part of our whole-school focus on 'mental health and well-being' this week, we all came to school today dressed to 'express'. It was great to see the children showing their own interests and personalities through what they were wearing.


This morning we learnt all about the musician David Bowie and explored how during his life-time and career, he expressed himself through music, dance, performance, clothing choices and even art. We spent the afternoon focussing on resilience, discussing strategies to become more resilient, how to calm down after being upset, who to talk to and how measuring the scale of our worries might help us to cope with them.


It was lovely to see and hear the children talk so openly and confidently about who they are, their own experiences both positive and at times challenging and so many were willing to share what works for them and therefore might work for others. Discussions were shown the respect they deserved and we all now have a toolbox of strategies to use to strengthen our own mental health.

If you need a scooter expert ... look no further!

Thanks to our research on Monday we are now officially experts on all things scooting. We spent time looking at and identifying the different parts of a scooter and comparing what was the same and what was different about the scooters we had brought in. After that, we had fun exploring how to move a scooter: how to make it go faster, slow down and most importantly stop! We also discussed how we might keep ourselves safe when riding them but also talked about how lights and a bell might help to keep others safe too. Our research and discussion helped us to write non-chronolgical reports  which included some interesting 'Did You Know?' facts. Ask us what we have learnt.

A Visit From Local Author Karen Langtree

'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'

 After learning about Allan Ahlberg last half term, we were lucky enough to get to meet Karen Langtree, a local author. Karen told us all about how she began her 'authors' journey  from enjoying reading about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, day dreaming, playing the piano, writing and performing songs, winning a national story writing competition with a story about Betty the Bubble all the way to writing and publishing her first book 'My Wicked Stepmother'. Karen has written ten books so far and her newest story 'Santa's Dreams' is due out later this year. We really enjoyed listening to some of her stories and learning about how and where she writes.

Has she inspired you to become an author?

Go on, be brave and take that very first step and begin your own journey!

It's Party Time!

Christmas jumpers, antlers and jiggling bells - it's all going on at the 12 Blue Christmas party this year. Happy Christmas Everyone!


Polar Bear Peppermint Creams

minty, sweet treats just perfect for the Wobble’s Cosy Cafe’

As part of DT: food technology, we have learnt how to select ingredients, use a range of equipment safely, weigh accurately, whisk (egg whites), sieve (icing sugar), mix to combine ingredients and assemble following instructions. Before we got started, we spent time looking at the Eatwell Plate, discussing the importance of a balanced diet. We know our peppermint polar bears will taste delicious but we also know that they form part of the food group that we should eat less often. 

Don’t We Look Amazing?
Inspired by the many stories written and illustrated by the Ahlberg’s, we dressed up and had great fun getting to know some of the stories Allan Ahlberg has written.

Can you recognise which of his books inspired each of our costumes?


After sharing some of his stories, we learnt about Allan Ahlberg’s life, his family and his career as an author before completing a rather tricky quiz. Did you know Allan has had over 140 stories published so far, supports West Bromwich Albion football club and changes into his pyjamas every afternoon before climbing into bed and having a nap?


We also built models out of Lego, inspired by Miss Brick the Builder’s Baby and designed our own Happy Family cards before playing with them.


We had an awesome day and are well and truly hooked’. Thank you all for the effort you made with your costumes, you looked tremendous.
What a great way to start our new topic.


A Visit from YOYO

Before we broke up for half term, we had been learning about Harvest and how it is celebrated around the world. On Tuesday, Marion came to share her 'Harvest' story with us. She talked about generosity and kind hands and we thought of ways we could use our hands to show kindness.

On the Hunt for Signs of Autumn

As part of our science work on seasonal changes we headed out into the school grounds to observe whether autumn had arrived. We used all of our senses except our sense of taste.We will use today’s first-hand experience to inspire our autumn-themed poetry later on in the week.

‘Wheels, Winders and Axles’

As part of our ‘Castles and Kingdoms’ topic we have been learning about the methods of attack used in Medieval times by enemies in their attempts to take over castles. As part of our Design and Technology curriculum, we have been learning about wheels, winding mechanisms and axels. What a perfect opportunity to make .... ‘pull back’ battering rams! We have learnt lots of skills, such as measuring using non-standard units, sawing, assembling, hammering, attaching and securing different materials, testing, evaluating and modifying. We had great fun in the process and were really proud our final products.


Meet our Class School Council Representatives

Well done boys, you stood for election alongside many other worthy candidates and were democratically elected to be our class’ representatives. We look forward to hearing how you have contributed to each meeting. We believe that you can make a difference and know that because of you, our class views will be represented and taken into consideration when decisions have to be made. 

Class of 21-22

Ready and definitely raring to go!

2020 -2021

Healthy Schools Week at Headlands

Despite a soggy start to the week, we have already enjoyed a range of activities linked to our whole school theme of ‘healthy bodies and healthy minds’. We made and devoured fruit salad this morning as well as spending time in our Jigsaw lesson identifying ways we keep ourselves healthy and discussing ways in which we might make further healthy lifestyle choices. In the afternoon, we participated in a rotation of activities including dancing with Mrs Allington and working out with Joe Wicks! 
I wonder what the rest of the week will have in store for us? 

Book Making Day

Check out our awesome alphabet books made from scratch! We've been publishers, authors and illustrators all rolled into one and have loved every minute of it!

PSHE - How have we changed from being a baby?


We enjoyed sharing our photos of us as babies.  We discussed how our bodies have changed from when we were a baby and what we can do now that we couldn't do when we had just been born.  Take a peek below at how we used our baby photos in our lesson.   

Look at our lovely baby photos!

Drama in Literacy

We enjoyed reading all about 'Zog' the dragon so much that we drew our own story maps, made 'Zog' masks and used both to help us get in role and recount the events of the story in the first-person.

NSPCC Number Day

7th May

We enjoyed coming to school in our number-themed clothes, in aid of and to raise awareness of the work done by the charity NSPCC. All of our work and activities were linked in some way to numbers and the sun shone so we could complete many of them outside. A great time was had by all.

An Egg-celent End to The Spring Term

We've made it to Easter and what a egg-citing end it was.

Well done to our champion egg roller.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.

Recognising when we worry and what we can do about our worries

wb 22.03.21


After our focus on what we might make us shiver and feel worried, we designed our own worry monsters to take away our worries.  We also thought of ways in which to make us feel calm and smile, as well as who we could go to to talk about our worries.  Take a look at some of our fabulous monsters below!

Worry Monsters wb 22.03.21

Friendship Focus  wb 08.03.21
It has been wonderful to reconnect as a class this week.  We have explored the idea of friendship and discussed ways in which we can give our friend 'a hug' without physically touching them.  We have all missed seeing our friends and have enjoyed talking and playing with one another this week.  We've thought about ways in which we can be a good friend - see the selection of our fabulous 'keys to friendship'.

A Full Gem Jar

Our scooter treat was enjoyed by all and was well deserved after our gem jar was full in record time. Great job 1/2 Blue, you are all AMAZING!

PSHCE - Celebrating Difference

This half term we have studied 'Celebrating Differences' with Jigsaw Jack, taking part in lots of discussions using images and listening to a song whilst taking time, each week, to practise our calm breathing techniques to promote our wellbeing.  We've identified ways in which we are similar and different to our classmates and how we are each special and unique.  We've discussed what bullying is and what action we can take or what advice we can give to others experiencing bullying.  Finally we looked at what qualities make us a good friend to others.  We have brought home our gingerbread men, that we've worked on this half term, to share our learning with you.  A huge well done Yr 1/2 Blue!

'Twas The Night Before Christmas 

Whilst Christmas Eve is still actually a couple of weeks away, we have enjoyed reading, discussing and learning the first verse of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'. Yesterday, we recorded ourselves reciting our verse ready for it to become the part of our whole school recital. Once the video has been produced and edited, it will be uploaded onto Google Drive for you all to see and enjoy.

Celebrating Difference

Today we enjoyed looking at a range of 'toys like us' and images celebrating difference and differ'bility. We compared these with the toys we had at home or the toys we see in the shops. We learnt some new vocabulary like prosthetic, vitiligo and cochlear implant and we discussed how wheelchairs and canes can help people with differ'bilities lead as active a life as we do! 

Lest We Forget

Looking for Signs of Autumn

To start our Science work on seasonal changes, we went out and about in the school grounds to see what clues there were that autumn had arrived. We found all sorts of signs including a witch and a pumpkin! In the classroom, we continued our learning about autumn focusing on the weather, the change in the number of daylight hours, celebrations and animal behaviours. We are now officially autumn experts.

Happy Half Term

What a great start to the school year everyone. I am so proud of how hard you have worked and just how sensible you have been. You've definitely earned your half term holiday. Have fun and keep yourself safe and well. See you in November!

Another Visit from YO-YO

It was lovely to welcome Marion and Tamsin back to our classroom but this time they came in to talk to us about the importance of sharing. Marion 'shared' a story that she had written all about a dinosaur called Derek. Afterwards, we thought about times when we had shared something with someone. We also talked about Harvest and the sharing of food.

Getting Used To Google Classroom

Today we were all successful at logging in to Google classroom. We typed in our email address and our password (remembering not to share it with anyone else). We all located the Google Classroom App and found our virtual 1/2 Blue classroom. Don't forget to log in at home over the next couple of days and complete the task I have set you. Remember, to get a capital letter, use the 'shift' key. 

Practising Our Sewing Skills

We have been learning how to sew a running stitch using sewing cards and wool. When we start to make our glove puppets after half term, we will be using embroidery thread and felt.  We are now all experts at re-threading needles and Mrs. Pearce only had one tangle that defeated her! Not all of us found it easy but we supported each other and we were all still smiling at the end of the lesson.

Our Class Charter

In PSHE, Jigsaw Jack (and Mrs. Allington) have been helping us think about what we we want our classroom to look and feel like. We have decided that we all have a responsibility to make sure our classroom is a happy place, where people can feel safe, share their thoughts and feelings and be able to learn. Have a look at 'Our Class Charter' to see how we are going to make this happen.

A Visit from YO-YO

Marion and Tamsin came in today. We talked about what makes us excited and what things might make us worry. They shared a text called 'The Mouse's Tale', which told the story of how Jesus calmed the storm. Marion showed us how our stomachs can feel some times using her jar of 'worry water' and we talked about the things we could do to 'pour our worries away'. We are hoping that Marion and Tamsin will come back again soon and share a harvest-themed story all about a dinosaur called Derek!

That's The Way To Do It

As part of our 'puppets' project in Design and Technology, we have been practising the skill of cutting on a line. We will learn how to use a template next week whilst also applying our cutting skills to fabric. By the time we have perfected these skills we will be ready to design and then sew our own 'Haxby Boggart' hand/glove puppet.

A Boggart No Less!

This morning we received a letter from the Haxby Boggart who just happens to be living in our school wood! You can read what he wrote by opening the document below.

In response to the Boggart's request we decided to draw around ourselves and label some of our external body parts so that the Boggart can see that 'chidlers' are nothing like boggarts ... although we can be a bit smelly sometimes! We are going to take some photographs of our labelled diagrams and take them to the school wood for the Boggart to look at. I think we'll hang them on his door handle.

Off to the School Wood

Mr Mulholland challenged us to make a list of all the items we could find in the school wood. We found some rather unusual things including a brass door handle on a tree, some odd socks and lots of glitter. We are wondering whether the glitter might actually be fairy dust. Could it belong to the tooth fairy? 



Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollack

We had great fun creating our own 'action paintings'.

Ready and Raring to Go!

Class of 20-21: Day One