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1/2 Blue

A Big Hello to all Y1/2 Blue Children and Adults

A huge welcome to our class page. I am very much looking forward to getting the new school year off to a 'cracking' start. 


Just so you know, I will be teaching you for the most of the week however ... Mrs Allington will be teaching you on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon this year. Whilst on Wednesday afternoons, you will be taught by either Madame Ramsden or Mr Mulholland and Mr Bell.


Any new content placed on our page will be uploaded directly below; this will save you having to scroll down to the bottom of our page each time and will help you to see straight away what new and exciting things we've been up to.

A Boggart No Less!

This morning we received a letter from the Haxby Boggart who just happens to be living in our school wood! You can read what he wrote by opening the document below.

In response to the Boggart's request we decided to draw around ourselves and label some of our external body parts so that the Boggart can see that 'chidlers' are nothing like boggarts ... although we can be a bit smelly sometimes! We are going to take some photographs of our labelled diagrams and take them to the school wood for the Boggart to look at. I think we'll hang them on his door handle.

Off to the School Wood

Mr Mulholland challenged us to make a list of all the items we could find in the school wood. We found some rather unusual things including a brass door handle on a tree, some odd socks and lots of glitter. We are wondering whether the glitter might actually be fairy dust. Could it belong to the tooth fairy? 



Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollack

We had great fun creating our own 'action paintings'.

Ready and Raring to Go!

Class of 20-21: Day One