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1/2 Blue

A Big Hello to all Y1/2 Blue Children and Adults

Welcome to our class page. Both Mr Mulholland and myself are very much looking forward to getting the new school year off to a 'cracking' start.


Just so you know ... Mr Mulholland will be teaching you on a Monday and Friday afternoon this year; he will usually register and see you home on Wednesday afternoons too. I will be with you for the rest of the week.


Any new content placed on our page will be uploaded directly below; this will save you having to scroll down to the bottom of our page each time and will help you to see straight away what new and exciting things we've been up to.

Anyone for cricket?

Rachel from 'All Stars Cricket' came in to work with us today. We had great fun batting and fielding.

Under Attack!

In science, we have been investigating which material  would be the most suitable for making our model castle's palisade. To make our investigation fair, we tried to make sure each palisade was the same size. We also made sure the missile was launched from the same distance away each time.

Celebrating National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, we came to school with a 'poem in our pocket' Each of us got the chance to read our poems aloud throughout the day. We enjoyed listening and laughing along to poems in PE, Maths, Phonics, Literacy and at playtimes.

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Further Congratulations

Well done to the following children who put themselves forward to be considered as our class' school council representatives: Darcy, Jasmine S, Thomas J, Joshua, Sonny, Lewis and HE. All gave confident, convincing speeches and each would have done a sterling job however only two can be given the official title. An extra big well done therefore goes to Darcy and HE who were democratically voted into post by the rest of their respective year group.


Well done to our first group of peer mentors. Your behaviour has really impressed me so far this term and I know you will continue to be excellent role models for your peers both in your conduct and your learning. Arlo, Charlie, Oliver Ho, Peggy, Thomas J, Ciaran, Darcy, Jasmine C-B, Sophie and Ted - wear your badge with pride.


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To start the term we have been thinking about our holidays and focusing on Spain, a country which many of our children have visited. We really enjoyed making and playing our castanets.

Day One: Ready and Raring to Go!

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