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A Big Hello to all Y1/2 Blue Children and Adults

Bonjour and welcome to our class page. Both Madame Ramsden and myself are very much looking forward to getting the new school year off to a 'cracking' start.


Just so you know ... Madame Ramsden will be teaching you on a Monday and Thursday afternoon this year; she will usually register and see you home on Wednesday afternoons too. I will be with you for the rest of the week.


Any new content placed on our page will be uploaded directly below; this will save you having to scroll down to the bottom of our page each time and will help you to see straight away what new and exciting things we've been up to.

Scooting Fun

Our new 'Wings, Wheels and Keels' topic started with an exciting session of 'scooting' around the playground.  In preparation for our 'Scooter' report writing in Literacy, we used this opportunity to learn the correct names for all of the different parts of a scooter. We used our new-found technical vocabulary to explain how we made our scooters, move, stop and turn. Everyone used their scooters sensibly and safely so a BIG well done to all of you. I can't wait to read your reports!

Super Scientists

We had great fun investigating whether materials could be changed by twisting, stretching, bend or squashing. We worked scientifically with our Learning Partners and recorded our observations using a 'star rating'. 

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Ahlberg Dress Up Day

As part of our author study, we had great fun dressing up and taking part in Ahlberg inspired activities. We played and designed our own Happy Families card games, mused over what we would spend £1,000,000 on (if only!) and took part in the very first Headlands Primary School Steeplechase event.


Thank you to everyone at home and school for ensuring today was a huge success!

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School Council Elections

The following children stood for the post of school council representative: Holly, Sophie, Joseph, Darcy, Grace, Jasmine S, Harry, Archie, Sariah, Elliot, Eliza, Isabella and Evie. All did an amazing job and spoke confidently about why they thought they would be the best person for the job! Unfortunately, we can only have one representative for each year group and after a democratic vote, it was decided that Harry will be representing the views of Year Two and Evie the views of our Year Ones for the rest of the school year. A big well done to all who put themselves forwards; you did yourselves proud!

Peer Mentors

Congratulations to Ciaran, Darcy, Jasmine S, Joseph, Ted, Aiden, Evie, Isabella, Ronnie and Sariah who have already wowed me with their amazing behaviour choices. Wear your badges with pride and continue to show everyone what fantastic role models you are.

Day One: Ready and Raring to Go!

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