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This guidance will be followed from January 2016, as discussed at the Parent Information Meetings in September 2015.


  • Spelling tests and practice should be in cursive script
  • Dictated sentences will be part of the test
  • There will be no mark if dictated sentences do not include a capital letter and full stop.
  • Unless parents have had specific contact from teachers, if children do not make a reasonable attempt at using cursive writing in the test, the spelling will be marked wrong
  • A bonus point will be given if ALL words in the dictated sentences are spelt correctly.



Spellings are given on a two-weekly basis, and will be stuck into the front of children's planners. The list will contain words from the National Curriculum, as well as high frequency words and words from the statutory word list for Year 3/4. The children will be tested on the spellings during a literacy session; part of the test will be a word which follows the same spelling rule, but has not been learnt.


Each week, spellings will be listed here. In case your child loses or forgets their planner, you will be able to print off a list to learn.


Below is the statutory spelling list for Year 3/4. These are the words that all children are expected to know how to spell by the end of Year 4.

Spring 1

Spellings 11/1/16 (Test 25/1/16)

Spellings 25/1/16 (Test 8/2/16)

Spellings 8/2/16 (Test 22/2/16)

NB: The spelling test for List 3 has been postponed until Monday 29th February; a week later than written on the spelling list.

Autumn 2

Spellings 2/11/15 (Test 16/11/15)

Spellings 16/11/15 (Test 30/11/15)

Autumn 1

Spellings 21/9/15 (Test 5/10/15)

Spellings 5/10/15 (Test 19/10/15)

Spellings 19/10/15 (Test 2/11/15)