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We are excited to reveal that our new topic for this half term will be...


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We will be looking at buildings and structures of all shapes and sizes: From the lowly garden shed to the lofty skyscraper! Which famous buildings have you visited? What is the tallest building in the world? Can you name any of the shops in Haxby? Do you know any stories with buildings in them? Have you ever made a super structure out of lego? All of these questions will be asked and answered in due course... Watch this space! 




Happy new year from the key stage 1 staff at Headlands! We hope you've had a wonderful and restful Christmas break and that the children are excited and raring to get back to school! 


Autumn Term 2


We will be continuing with our current PLOD 'Marvellous Me'. But with a history focus. We will be having a special historical visitor coming to Headlands in a few weeks time. Watch this space!


During the week beginning 7th of November the whole school are taking part in an exciting Arts Week. The focus is on Dreams.


We will be starting rehearsals for our Christmas production, Penguin Pete!

Penguin Pete lives in the South Pole and he travels the world to try and get to Father Christmas. We will be starting to learn the songs and auditioning for roles in due course.

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Autumn Term PLOD

For the first week we will be getting to know you all and finding out about what exciting things you did over the summer holiday. We will be writing letters, packing a suitcase and labelling its content as well as looking at holiday resorts around the UK.


For the rest of the term our PLOD will be

Marvellous Me

For the first half term we will be learning about how incredible the human body is from identifying bones and internal/external body parts right through to learning about how we use our senses to 'make sense' of the world. We will also be looking at the stages of human development and how we can keep ourselves healthy and happy throughout our lives.


After half term our PLOD will focus more on key historical figures within the medical profession and scientific advances within the field of medicine. We hope to arrange a visit to support this element of the PLOD so watch this space however if you work in the medical profession and would like to come in and share your expertise we us all  we would love to talk to you.

You'll Never Guess What ...

When we were in the Forest School on Monday (helping Mr Mulholland to make a list of all of his MANY bits and bobs) we found a door handle attached to a tree trunk!

Picture 1
Picture 2

It Gets Stranger ...

The very next day we received a letter from the Haxby Boggart. Mr Mulholland found it attached to the mysterious door handle! You can read it for yourself below.

Well ...

... we've written back to say we are definitely not 'boggarts'. In fact we have sent him or her (we don't know yet) back a list of all our external body parts, as rather helpfully we have been learning about this in Science. We're wondering whether the boggart will write back - we hope so!