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October 2016

End of half term awards:


Reception Star:  Sonny in Mrs Neville's class has been awarded this fantastic award because of his attitude to learning and his enthusiasm for school. He always listens and takes in information and this is reflected in the progress that Sonny has made in his phonics and numeracy. A big well done to Sonny- a thoroughly deserved award. 


Aroma Cafe treat: Harvey and Thomas S have been the lucky chaps who were awarded a special treat at the Aroma cafe to reflect their fantastic behaviour this half term. Well done boys, we hope you saved us some cake! 



Handwriting Heroes:  Grace C and Jack were chosen to represent our 'Handwriting Heroes'  for Reception - Every half term, Mrs Pearce collects a sample of fantastic handwriting from each year group to celebrate and display at the front of the school. Why not check it out next time you're in school? Well done guys, keep up the fantastic work!






Friday 14th October 2016


Due to the Harvest Festival Assembly, there was no celebration assembly today!

Friday 7th October 2016


Esther in Mrs. Neville's class has been trying really hard to form her cursive letters! It certainly is a tricky job learning all those new letter shapes, even for the teachers! A big well done Esther, Mrs. Neville is very proud of your hard work and achievements. no 


Harvey in Miss. Bolton's class has been a star this week for trying new things, growing in confidence and having a go at unfamiliar activities without saying 'I can't do it' straight away before he's even tried! Keep up the great work Harvey, I wonder what you'll achieve next.....no