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October 2014

Friday 3rd October 2014


A big well done to Aiden Blissett in Miss Bolton's class this week. During our maths lessons, Aiden used some fantastic language to describe, measure,compare, and estimate the weight of different objects such as 'heavier than', 'the lightest' and 'weighs the same'. Great work Aiden, keep it up! no 


Congratulations to Chloe Wreglesworth smiley who has tacked her homework challenges with great enthusiasm and commitment. You are are obviously a keen and motivated learner which are fantastic attributes to have. Keep up the good work!

Friday 10th October 2014


The superstar in Miss Bolton's class this week is Sophia James! During a writing activity this week, she carefully identified the sounds she needed to write simple, CVC words to match pictures and knew exactly which letters to write. She has very neat handwriting and was very careful to make sure she wrote her letters from top to bottom and the correct way round. Well done Sophia. frown


Well done to Samuel Holmes no for working really hard on his name writing. We're pleased to announce that you can now write your name independently. A huge achievement!

Friday 17th October 2014 


This week's special certificate goes to Millie Boyes smiley for your positive attitude and enthusiasm, particularly in our Forest Schools work. You are always happy, keen, motivated and have a smile on your face! Keep up the good work!