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November 2015

Friday 27th November 2015


Apostolos in Miss Bolton's class has sung his little heart out during our Nativity rehearsals! He belts out the notes and tries really hard to stay in tune and remember the words. Well done Apostolos, we hope you keep up the great singing for the big night! frown


Mason in Mrs Nevilles's class has been concentrating really hard during lessons and has a positive attitude to learning. Well done Mason, all of your teachers are very proud of you! 



Friday 20th November 2015


Well done to Sian in Miss Bolton's class this week. We have been most impressed with her positive attitude towards school and she always has a go, trying her best in the process! She is growing in confidence every day too so well done Sian! 🤗😀😃


Thomas is Mrs Neville's class has learnt a really long and tricky line in our Nativity play! He we have all been very impressed at the clarity and volume that Thomas can deliver his lines with character and passion! Well done Thomas. 😊🙂😃




Friday 13th November 2015


Bella in Miss Bolton's class has been working really hard to master reading and writing her set one bookmarks! She quickly raced through reading all of the words and tried her very best to write them using her cursive letters. Well done Bella, we're sure you'll manage the set two words just as efficiently! frown


Charlie in Mrs Neville's class has only gone and mastered the art of writing his name! Hooray! All that practise has paid off Charlie, and you can now confidently write your name using cursive letters on all of your important work. Well done Charlie! frown


Friday 6th November 2015


It's a celebration of the two Henry's this week! Henry in Mrs Neville's class has learnt how to write his name all by himself hooray! Well done you Henry, a huge achievement for you and definitely worth a special certificate!smiley


Henry in Miss Bolton's class has also been busy with his pencil, and has been trying really hard to form those tricky cursive letters when writing simple CVC words. Well done Henry, keep up the good work. smiley