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Ten Pieces

This half term, we are focussing on the BBC Ten Pieces in our music lessons:

- What do the songs remind us of?

- What pictures can we create, using the songs as inspiration?

- How do the songs make us feel?

Below is a link to the BBC webpage where all the songs can be found. Watch the performances and think about how you would describe the 'feel' of the music.

Harvest Song

We are learning this song for the Harvest Festival assembly in October. Try to practise at home if you can - it will make it easier to sing the song if you know it really well! 

Harvest Song

Teeth and Digestion

Songs to help us remember the things we've learned during our Science work about teeth and digestion? Sure, why not!! Listen and sing along to these songs - a brilliant way to remember our topic.

Bright and White

A song all about looking after your teeth. Smile!

Doctor of Digestion

Remember the parts and functions of your digestive system. Yuck!


The children have been introduced a brand new music website: Charanga!


Each pupil will be given a login and they can use it to play at home. There are lessons for various instruments (the different worlds) and I will also be adding Moon Missions ('lessons') for them to try out and explore. These can be found by clicking on the moon.