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Who and When?

I will be teaching you every day except Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons when you will be taught mainly by Mr Mulholland.


Friday 11th September

It was lovely to see you all return after the summer holidays full of energy and enthusiasm and I can't wait for the year ahead! I have a feeling in my bones that this year is going to be the best one yet - so let's get started!

Mrs Pearce 

Monday 14th September

Castles and Kingdoms 'dress up' Day



Picture 1

Friday 9th October

'Castles and Kingdoms' Workshop

We learnt lots when Lady Catherine came to visit us in school. Not only did we find out about what life was like in the medieval period, we also used what we had learnt about materials too. Lady Catherine was very impressed with the size of our brains (and so was Mrs Pearce).

Monday 12th October

A Visit from Nestle

The team from Nestle came and talked to us about how to keep safe around their HUGE lorries. They brought in a remote control truck to show us where to stand when a lorry is turning and they even let us go inside the cab of a 'real' Kit Kat lorry. We all really enjoyed ourselves! 

Wednesday 21st October

Birds of Prey

Ian and Margaret came to visit us from the York Bird of Prey Centre. They brought with them Pip (a 5 year old African White Faced owl), Angel (a 1 year old Barn Owl) and Rolo (a 9 year old European Eagle Owl). All the birds were AMAZING!

Friday 5th February


Check out our Year One/Two Blue blog. Over the past few weeks, we have had fun creating our class 'wee me', writing our profile and yesterday ... posting our very first class blog! You can also look at the profiles of each class member although individual pupils will not be blogging until Key Stage Two. Please remember not to use your password to log on outside of school, you do not need it to view what others have written. We will be asking our 'Digital Leaders' in school to help us create our individual 'wee me' after the half term.

Tuesday 9th February

Dinosaur Workshop

Check out what Steve 'our resident dinosaur expert for the day', brought with him from the Dino Stars Museum in Hull. Prepare to be amazed - we were!

Friday 26th February

Science Fiction/World Book Day Dress Up

We all looked amazing. To infinity and beyond!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 11th March

Maraca Making

Our focus in Literacy this week has been instruction writing. Today we followed a set of instructions for 'Easy to Make Maracas' in preparation for writing our own 'improved' version next week. We worked really well together and had great fun. Mrs Pearce was overjoyed with the sound they made so much so that she let us take them home at the end of the day!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3