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3/4 Red

A warm welcome to Year 3/4 Red. We are very excited to start another year with such a wonderful class. We know we have got a very exciting year ahead of us and we look forward to sharing it with you all.

Judo taster


Today year 3/4 have had the chance to take part in a Judo taster session. All the children enjoyed trying out a new sport. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Astrodome visit

Astrodome visit 1
Astrodome visit 2


Coding 1
Coding 2
Coding 3
Coding 4
Coding 5

Making Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards 1
Making Christmas cards 2
Making Christmas cards 3
Making Christmas cards 4
Making Christmas cards 5
Making Christmas cards 6
Making Christmas cards 7
Making Christmas cards 8
Making Christmas cards 9
Making Christmas cards 10
Making Christmas cards 11
Making Christmas cards 12
Making Christmas cards 13
Making Christmas cards 14

Learning about rhythm

Learning about rhythm 1
Learning about rhythm 2
Learning about rhythm 3
Learning about rhythm 4
Learning about rhythm 5
Learning about rhythm 6
Learning about rhythm 7

African drumming

African drumming 1
African drumming 2
African drumming 3
African drumming 4
African drumming 5
African drumming 6

Chocolate rocks

Chocolate rocks 1
Chocolate rocks 2
Chocolate rocks 3
Chocolate rocks 4
Chocolate rocks 5
Chocolate rocks 6
Chocolate rocks 7
Chocolate rocks 8
Chocolate rocks 9

Orthokind– Children have been learning about keeping their teeth clean.

Orthokind– Children have been learning about keeping their teeth clean. 1
Orthokind– Children have been learning about keeping their teeth clean. 2

Measuring length

Measuring length 1
Measuring length 2
Measuring length 3
Measuring length 4
Measuring length 5
Measuring length 6
Measuring length 7

Observing rocks

Observing rocks 1
Observing rocks 2
Observing rocks 3


Goalball 1
Goalball 2
Goalball 3
Goalball 4
Goalball 5
Goalball 6
Goalball 7
Goalball 8

Autumn poems

Autumn poems 1
Autumn poems 2
Autumn poems 3
Autumn poems 4

Pedestrian training


We have now successfully completed our pedestrian training and have a better understanding about crossing the road safely.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Write like an Egyptian


We have been learning about Egyptian writing and how hieroglyphs were used. We had a go at creating our own name as an Egyptian cartouche. We have learnt about how the Rosetta Stone was an important part of Hieroglyph translation. 

Write like an Egyptian

Write like an Egyptian  1
Write like an Egyptian  2
Write like an Egyptian  3
Write like an Egyptian  4
Write like an Egyptian  5
Write like an Egyptian  6
Write like an Egyptian  7
Write like an Egyptian  8

Egyptian dancing

Egyptian dancing 1
Egyptian dancing 2
Egyptian dancing 3

Amazing Egyptian death masks

Amazing Egyptian death masks 1
Amazing Egyptian death masks 2
Amazing Egyptian death masks 3
Amazing Egyptian death masks 4
Amazing Egyptian death masks 5
Amazing Egyptian death masks 6
Amazing Egyptian death masks 7
Amazing Egyptian death masks 8