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Equivalent fractions


This week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. We used fraction walls to help us.


Equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions 1
Equivalent fractions 2
Equivalent fractions 3
Equivalent fractions 4
Equivalent fractions 5

Data Handling Treasure Hunt

Our maths class teamed up with Miss King's maths class to do a treasure hunt, answering questions on interpreting data.

All about SHAPE!

This week in Maths we have been learning all about the properties of shape. We started by revising the names of 2D shapes and leaning a few new ones such as heptagon, nonagon and decagon. We then went on to discuss angles in shapes. We learned about right, acute and obtuse angles and how to identify these within shapes. We made our own 'right angle finders' and took advantage of the nice weather by going outside into the playground to find as many of these different angles as we could before recording them in our books. We then worked together using the Interactive Whiteboard to sort and classify different polygons depending on their number of right angles.


We finished the week with an introduction to 3D shape and their properties. We already knew lots of names of 3D shapes but learned a few new ones too! We had a go at creating our own 3D shapes using marshmallows and cocktail sticks. We had to work well in our pairs and used lots of technical vocabulary when discussing which shape we were making. We learned all about how many edges, vertices and faces our shapes had. At the end our star challenge was to try and create a hexagonal prism... it was much more difficult than we imagined it would be! A very busy but fun week in Maths frown. Check out the pictures of us making 3D shapes below!

Place Value

Our topic so far this term has been place value. Have a go at some of these quizzes and games to practice everything we've been learning about so far!