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Welcome to Year 3/4 Green

A very smiley & warm welcome to the class page of 3/4 Green.


In 3/4 Green we always try our best, work hard and have fun. On this page you will be able to find out about all the different things we get up to; we'll include lots of pictures for you, too. Enjoy!

Miss King


Meet The Class:

Music Composition: 23rd June

Today we became composers! We wrote a simple piece of music using the notes that we know on the recorder. We surprised ourselves by his fantastic our simple pieces sounded! We used the Charanga website to help us and it gave us a backing track too.

Horrible Histories Trip: 17th June

Today we spent the morning at the Grand Opera House Theatre watching an exciting and fun 3D Horrible Histories play all about 'Incredible Invaders'. It told the story of how the Romans, Saxons and Vikings have shaped the history of Britain. We also visited the Yorkshire Museum to see a few Viking and Saxon artefacts, and ate our lunch in the Museum Gardens. A fun day!

Electricity: 13th June

We have been learning about circuits in Science this half term. We did a science investigation this week to investigate which materials are conductors and insulators. We knew which materials conducted electricity because the bulb lit up.

Class News 27th May

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Viking Culture: 23rd May

Today we learned about Viking culture, including their gods, sagas, customs and food! So, we made porridge and added honey and dried fruits. Yum! It was a meal that the Vikings would have enjoyed too. They also enjoyed eating bread, meat, fish, oatcakes, nettle soup, cake and lots of other delicious things. We also learned a song called 'Loki the Joker' which tells the story of the Viking God, Loki.

Viking Projects: 20th May

Congratulations and well done to all the children in our class; your Viking homework projects are incredible! Thank you to parents and carers who have contributed time and energy into helping the children create such wonderful longboats, long houses, shields and weapons!

Don't forget, the showcase to come and see them: Thursday 26th May at 2:30pm

Picture 1
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Forces: 16th May

Today we have been learning about different forces in science. We had to find examples of pushes, pulls and twists. We also discussed gravity, friction and other forces that are constantly working all around us.

Children's University 'Golden Moment': 11th May

Today we got to go on a class trip to York St. John's University and the beautiful York Minster. It was to celebrate the end of our unit on Myths & Legends that we've been enjoying the last 4 weeks! We learnt about gargoyles and grotesques, including a story about Hassai, a Chinese dragon who became stone and was made to live in the Minster forever.

Picture 1

Outdoor Classroom: 10th May

As some of the children are sitting SATs in the library (next door to our classroom) this week, we decided to be kind and take our D&T work outside this morning! We are making moving Viking toys using a simple cam system to make a moving part. We have finished the designs and are putting them together. Afterwards, we will evaluate our final product and see what we did right, and where we went wrong...

Spanish Lesson: 9th May

Maria, one of the Spanish students we've had in school, has been helping in our class for the last term. Today Maria led Spanish lesson for us; we learned lots of words we can use on our summer holidays!

Spanish Lesson

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Class News 6th May

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Myths & Legends: 4th May

Our final week in the classroom with our lovely Children's University students! We've had a wonderful time learning about different myths from around the world. We've been to England, Ancient Greece, Viking Norway and this week we rounded off by going to Ancient Egypt! We learned a little about the Egyptian gods and traditions, as well as mummification and the Egyptian afterlife.

Class News 29th April

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Letter Writing: 29th April

We worked in pairs today to write a letter to a friend. We were writing as Jack (or Edric), the boy from our class story. It's all about Viking Raiders and is full of exciting action. It was fun to work in pairs with someone we're not used to working with; it's always interesting to share a brain with someone new!

Myths & Legends: 27th April

Lesson 3 of our Children's University unit was all about Ancient Greece; we focussed on the legend of Hercules and learned all about his 12 labours. We enjoyed the quiz where we had to answer questions to make the longest string.

Myths & Legends: 20th April

This week was our second Children's University lesson. The theme this week was Viking Gods, which was exciting for us because we've been doing lots of work on the Vikings this term.



Viking Art: 15th April

Our Viking display is looking very empty at the moment, so this afternoon we painted, drew and coloured lots of different things to fill it up with some brilliant Viking creations. Watch this space...


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Myths & Legends: 13th April

Today we had the first lesson in our Children's University module on Myths & Legends. We learnt all about Robin Hood, which got us very excited as it's also the topic of our play! We made hats and got to take part in an archery competition with our paper arrows. This is the first of a number of lessons led by a wonderful group of University students, which will end in a mini trip for our class!

Performance Poetry: 24th March

Phew! We've been so busy today! In Literacy this morning we performed a poem as a class. We have talked this week about how to perform and what makes a great performance - preparation for our play, we hope?!

Grab Can You Rap?

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D&T Water Cycle: 24th March

Here are some of our finished water cycles. Don't they look fab?! The words can be removed so that the children can teach others and explain the water cycle to them.

Cricket: 24th March

For the last 5 weeks we have been lucky enough to have Rachel come and teach us cricket skills. It has been great fun, and we've learnt lots of new skills. We've been able to learn bowling, batting and fielding.

D&T Water Cycle: 11th March

We started creating an appliqué felt water cycle this afternoon. So far we've cut out all our pieces and decided how we're going to arrange them... next week we'll start the fun of sewing it all together!

Cosmic Classroom: 2nd February

Tim Peake did a live interview from the ISS at 2pm today, and we tuned in to listen. He was asked lots of interesting questions by children around the country, and showed off some cool anti-gravity tricks. It was fun and we all learned a lot, even Miss King!

Dragon Scales: 19th January

We have begun a piece of artwork for our myths and legends topic. As a year group, we're going to create lots of dragon scales and then put them together to make one big dragon! It's going to look great when it's finished. We're creating our scales using paper plates, and lots of different materials.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
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Picture 7
Picture 8

Patron Saints: 18th January

We've started our new topic this week: Myths and Legends! We began with the story of 'St. George and the Dragon.' We discovered that, while the dragon story may not be real, St. George was a real person. In fact he's the patron saint of England. That got us thinking about what saints are, and patron saints of other countries...

Christmas Decorations: 17th December

Today we spent our afternoon making some festive decorations to take home. We had a very pleasant time making cards, scratch art, banners and tree decorations.

Christmas Cards: 15th December

We created some brilliant Christmas cards, using tissue paper and black paper to create a winter silhouette. Merry Christmas!

Maths Games: 10th December

Today, when our superstars from Year 3/4 went off to Aroma Cafe, the rest of us had lots of fun playing maths games. Our class, plus half of Miss Cattley's class, had a great time solving puzzles, playing games and enjoying maths as a group.

Animal Report Research: 24th November

We are writing our own non-chronological reports this week on an animal of our choice. On Tuesday morning we spent a lot of time using a combination of the iPads and lots of books to research information on our animals. It was one time we were very pleased that our classroom is right next door to the library; easy access to all sorts of facts!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

100% Behaviour: 20/11/15

A huge well done to Year 3/4 Green this week as we earned our second playtime credit, this time for achieving 100% behaviour - no verbal warnings this week! noThat's now 10 minutes extra playtime on the clock, but we're saving it up and aiming for 4 more credits to earn an hour of free play!

Surprised! 3D Art: 17th November

We have been doing quite a lot of art work based on Rousseau's 'Surprised!'. This week we have started to create some 3D art in a box based on this picture. You can see us starting our project in the pictures below. Finished products to follow later... Watch this space smiley.

Fable Performance: 17th November

This week we have been looking at fables; traditional stories with a moral. Each of the groups had a familiar fable to read and perform together. 

Children in Need: 13th November

Today was a dress-down day to raise money for Children in Need. One of the children in our class, however, took it upon herself to raise some extra money by baking cupcakes and selling them to Year 3/4. Beth raised over £30 in just one day, and has earned herself the bronze charity fundraiser award from school! We're very proud of you, Beth.

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Picture 3
Picture 4

Road Safety: 10th November

Stuart and Russ came into school today to teach us all about road safety, thinking particularly about staying safe with larger vehicles. Russ taught us a lot in the classroom and then Stuart showed us the lorry cab. We even got to sit inside to see just how difficult it is for a driver to see you if you're crossing the road in front of them.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Drama: 7th October

We read a few more chapters of our class book today, including the chapters where some of the treasured golden tickets are found. Each group then chose one of the characters and acted out finding the golden ticket, and then being interviewed by the press about it! I wonder if you can guess which character each group chose to use in their drama using just the pictures: the obnoxious Mike Teavee, the gum-chewing Violet Beauregarde, the spoiled Veruca Salt or the gluttonous Augutus Gloop?

Science Investigation RESULTS: 28th September

We looked at the eggs we had placed into different drinks today...! We were very surprised by some of the results. Below are the pictures of the eggs with their labels so you can see what happened. Each time, we have placed it next to the egg that was in the water each time so you can compare, as the eggs from the water and milk didn't change at all.

Picture 1 Water
Picture 2 Milk
Picture 3 Coffee - no milk or sugar
Picture 4 Coke
Picture 5 Diet Coke
Picture 6 Lucozade
Picture 7 Fresh Orange Juice!
Picture 8 Coffee, D. Coke, Coke, Lucozade, Orange Juice L-R

100% Attendance: 25/9/15

A huge well done to Year 3/4 Green this week as we earned our first playtime credit for achieving 100% attendance this week no That's 5 minutes extra playtime on the clock, but we're saving it up and aiming for 5 more credits to earn an hour of free play! 

Chocolate Tasting in DT: 22nd September

Today we had the best lesson, ever! We spent our DT lesson evaluating different types of chocolate, and describing them. We chose which was our favourite from: dark, milk and white. Milk chocolate was the big winner, with very few children even enjoying the dark chocolate! But still, we all agreed that it was a really great lesson - it's not every day your teacher gives you chocolate and calls it 'work', is it?!


We finished the lesson with a taste test challenge. Each child was given a cheap chocolate and an expensive brand to try. They were fed by their partner while they had their eyes closed and had to tell which one was which... We all got it right! It seems we're big chocolate fans in 3/4K... frown

Science Investigation: 18th September

We are investigating how different drinks affect the enamel on our teeth, using eggshells. Here we are, measuring out the liquids we're going to be testing: coke, diet coke, water, milk, orange juice, lucozade and coffee. We will find out how they affect the eggshell, and this will tell us how it affects our teeth.