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This week was all about


We did a times table treasure hunt because times tables practise is always a good idea!

We have been learning about

Area & Perimeter

and we had a big puzzle to solve this week... How to find the missing sides on a rectilinear (or compound) shape. It was tough, but we got there together!

This week we're learning about:

Data Handling

We've been collecting vital information about Smarties (of course). Which colour is the most common? Is it the same in every packet?

We ate the evidence at the end of the lesson. All part of the research...

We finished our Data Handling week with a treasure hunt.

Our maths class and Mrs Fowler's/Mr Kemp's maths class joined forces to pair up and answer questions on interpreting data.

This week was


We have been spending time this week practising measuring length, mass and volume. Reading scales can be tricky, but we're getting there. Mastery Maths Friday was spent doing some estimating and measuring problem solving.

We have been talking


in lessons recently, particularly halves and quarters. We finished our teaching on this by using chocolate coins to write fractions of amounts; who says there's no maths in Christmas?

Last week we tackled


It has been nice to have my maths class back again this half term, and last week we learned all about time! Check out the 'Fun & Games' page for some of the games we played. Below, we're playing a matching game. Do you know how many days in a year? Hours in a day? Seconds in a minute?

Next week is...


week! We will polishing our take away methods. Give yourself some practise:

This week we have been mastering

2D Shape

We've had lots of fun describing shapes and symmetry, including the 'song'...

The Polygon Song

Still image for this video
The irritating but effective song we have been singing this week to help us remember names and properties of 2D shapes.

We've been trying our very best this week to master a brand new method for


 It's been tricky at times, but I think we might just be starting to get it.


You can use the link below to practise using the game that we've been playing in class. Start with TU + TU, then move onto HTU when you're feeling confident! surprise

Rounding to the Nearest 10

We've been playing a new game in maths this week. Go to the 'Input Answers' section and it will time you on your answers. Can you beat the class time (2 min 49 sec) or your own time on the dartboard? Choose TU - nearest 10 and then move onto HTU when you're feeling confident!

Comparing Numbers With < & >

When we return for the new year, the first topic in Miss K's maths class will be:

Place Value

Get some sneaky practise in beforehand, by having a go at some of these games!