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For the last and final time this year, I am adding some more new games for you to try at home! Click on this link and it will take you to a special page with three folders. In each folder is lots of games for you to try on that area of maths. Got it? Good, then enjoy!

New Games

A few new maths games for you to play at home, including the Hit the Button game as promised!

Explore Learning

On the 25th March, Katie and Zoe came into our class to help us save the world! They used the theme of global warming to teach us about measures, conversions and place value smiley We had lots of fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

3D Shape

This week in maths we have been learning about 3D (solid) shapes. We can name them, describe them by their properties, make models of them from Polydron and recognise their nets....

Investigating Nets

Investigating Nets 1
Investigating Nets 2
Investigating Nets 3
Investigating Nets 4
Investigating Nets 5
Investigating Nets 6
Investigating Nets 7
Investigating Nets 8
Investigating Nets 9
Investigating Nets 10

The class have worked so hard this half term that they were rewarded today by a visit to the ICT suite to play some maths games...!

Perhaps you could have a go at some of them over half term to keep your maths brain active?

ICT Maths

ICT Maths 1
ICT Maths 2
ICT Maths 3
ICT Maths 4
ICT Maths 5
ICT Maths 6

Speed Grid Challenge

We have started a new challenge in our class called: the 'Speed Grid Challenge'. You have to answer 6 addition questions in 2 minutes using the grid of numbers you are given... Eventually all the children will have a turn and there will be a leaderboard for the class. The top three (challenge champions) are below...

Can you beat your score? Can you make the top of the board?!


Challenge Champions:

1. Phillipa 

2. Matthew 57sec
3. Amber 1min 31sec

Practising with Money: 26th January


This coming week in maths lessons we will be practicing money problems; different ways to make an amount, giving correct change, adding money and finding the difference. There are lots of sites you can use to practice yourself so give some of these a try: 


We have started this term by looking at time. While we've learnt a lot this week, we will only get better if we practice telling the time at home and out and about... Try to use a clock for yourself whenever you can, remembering to practice with both analogue and digital. Set yourself problems such as:

- What time is it now? So how many minutes until lunch time?

- If half time in football lasts 15 minutes, when will the second half kick off?


If you want some more practice then you can follow these links to some excellent games:

Autumn 2

We have been learning all sorts of things at the end of this term, as we looked back at all the things we had studied together so far. Miss King reviewed some of the topics that we had covered to refresh our memories of all the things we'd learnt...

We worked together to solve some Christmas problems...

We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt...

We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 1
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 2
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 3
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 4
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 5
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 6
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 7
We did a Christmas Maths treasure hunt... 8

We practiced vocabulary for 2D shapes...