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To find out more about what each maths group is learning, you can visit each teacher's page. Photos, documents and tips for helping your child at home may also be added to the pages...

The page below contains all sorts of links and pages, containing games which you can play at home. Try to pick the topics which you know you struggle with in class, and don't just pick the easiest level in each one! Challenge yourself and you might find yourself achieving something you never thought you would...

Below is a useful document which has a few simple suggestions of how you can encourage your children's maths skills at home, with some easy games. It covers Foundation Stage (Reception) all the way up to Year 6.

Support Children in Maths

Have you ever wondered what methods your children are using at school to add, subtract, multiply and divide?

Below is a short guide to the methods that we teach them in Years 3 and 4. Some of the more advanced methods may not be taught to all children just yet; we work through the methods at a pace suitable to each group. When they are ready, we advance to the next method.

You will notice that methods start more visual, as this helps the children understand WHAT they're doing and WHY, before moving onto shorter and more condensed methods after that.

Methods children use in Year 3/4

Column addition

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We have been learning how to do column addition in Miss Hodgson's maths lessons. We even managed to solve some questions using the iPad.