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March 2017

Friday 31st March 2017

Congratulations to Jack in Mrs. Neville's class who has been awarded the 'Star of the Week' for always being polite, thoughtful, kind and considerate of others, as well as always making the right choices! smiley  smiley  smiley

Friday 24th March 2017

This week's certificate of achievement goes to Alex for a huge improvement in your handwriting. You are taking a real pride in your work and this has been noted by all the grown ups who work with you. We also love your positive and enthusiastic approach to learning and your sunny happy disposition! frown frown


A huge well done to Joshua! You have been enthusiastic and really thrown yourself our maths this week. Fantastic work with doubling, keep it up! nono

Friday 17th March 2017

A massive well done to Luna this week for her continued improvement in phonics. All the teachers have noticed your hard work and application of your phonics in your reading and writing. Keep up the great work and positive attitude!smiley nosmiley


An enormous congratulations to Reece this week for his enthusiasm in our weeks maths lessons. You really worked hard and got involved, keep up the good work Reece! nosmiley

Friday 10th March 2017

Congratulations to Bobby for his super effort in phonics and for beginning to take more responsibility for tidying up after himself. We have noticed a big difference in your attitude to learning. Well done. Keep up the great work. smiley smiley smiley


A huge well done to Harry for his fantastic work in phonics and his interest in writing. You've been doing some fantastic writing during our choosing time and your hard work in phonics is really showing - well done! smileyno

Friday 3rd  March 2017

A huge well done to Zachary for being so enthusiastic about our Indian topic. You listened carefully throughout class discussions and were able to recall many important facts related to Indian culture and life. Your Indian dancing was amazing and everyone enjoyed watching you perform. smiley no smiley


And well done to Harry for the fantastic improvement in his writing. You have been trying hard to apply your phonics and it really shows in all of your pieces of writing. Your interest in the writing area and independent pieces of writing have wowed us all!smileynono