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June 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017

Congratulations to Lucas in Mrs. Neville's class for his progress in phonics and reading. You are trying extremely hard to apply your phonics in your reading and the teachers are very proud of you. Well done and keep up the great work! smiley no smiley


Well done to Grace D in Miss Calland's class for, well, everything this week! You've participated enthusiastically in every lesson and been eager to join in with everything we've done this week. Keep it up Grace! nosmiley

Friday 16th June 2017

Well done Thomas S in Mrs. Neville's class for speeding up with your writing. You always have lots of amazing ideas and apply your phonics knowledge well to your work, but we have noticed a real difference in the speed that you are producing your writing too! Great job! Keep it up!! no no no


Congratulations Thomas J in Miss Calland's for his amazing symmetry work this week! You've really shown interest in not only copying symmetrical patterns but also creating your very own. Well done! smiley

Friday 9th June 2017

Thank you to Esther for always having such wonderful ideas during our whole class teaching sessions. You always have a thoughtful and valuable contribution to make, which inspires and motivates others. Congratulations on being our 'Star of the Week'. It is very well deserved!! smiley no smiley