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June 2015

Friday 26th June 2015


Mrs Jackson (and Mrs Neville!) are celebrating the efforts and achievements of Elodie this week. During a science lesson all about floating and sinking, Elodie impressed Mrs Jackson with her knowledge on buoyancy and applying the appropriate language to describe why she knew something was going to happen. Well done Elodie.


Oscar in Miss Bolton's class has been a super-whizz during maths this week and has been using addition calculations and his knowledge of numbers to work out different ways of making values, using various coin combinations. Very impressive mental maths Oscar, keep up the super work.



Friday 19th June 2015


Miss Bolton would like to celebrate Erin this week! Since we started to talk about moving into Year One, Erin has shown she is really ready for that next big step in our school adventure! She has been so excited about growing up, and is demonstrating the commitment and maturity she will need for her new class next year. Well done Erin! smiley


A well done to Connie too, for settling into Miss Bolton's class so well this week. A welcome addition to the class!


Finn in Mrs Neville's class has been a money whizz this week! He can recognise all of the coins, and make different amounts to pay for items in the pretend shop in the classroom. Watch out Mum and Dad, Finn knows exactly how much things cost and how much he needs to pay for them! Well done Finn!frown



Friday 12th June 2015


Rowan Atwal in Miss Bolton's class has had a super week! Not only has he been helpful, polite and worked hard this week but he has turned a real corner in his writing. His re-written story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle included some finger spaces, excellent use of phonics and his letters were written accurately and much smaller than last week. And this was all independently! Well done Rowan, I hope this continues! smiley

Mrs Neville has been singing Jack's praises this week! He has been trying really hard to sit for longer periods of time on the carpet, concentrating and listening to adults and Mrs Neville has noticed this has improved! Well done Jack, keep up the hard work! frown

Friday 5th June

A big well done at all of the children in Reception this week as they all made great bird feeders during our STEM science week!