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January 2016

Friday 29th January 2016


Oliver has been practising writing his curly caterpillar 

letters this week and result is fantastic! He can form the letters beautifully, starting on the line, forming em correctly and he can even from that tricky cursive 'f'! I think it was better than Miss Bolton's effort! Well done Oliver frown


Luke in Mrs Neville's class is showing lots of enthusiasm during reading at school. Using his phonics to read words but also showing a love of reading and discussing stories and texts that he has read with his reading group. Well done Luke keep up the hard work! frown



Friday 22nd January 2016


Isabelle in Miss Bolton's class has been working extremely hard to recognise numbers! She can now identify numbers from 0 to 10 AND can now write her name and recognise some sounds in phonics! It's all coming together Isabelle well done. frown


Florence in Mrs Nevilles's class has only had her new bookmarks for a day and can already read and write them! Mrs Neville is very pleased with how  you are improving your reading and phonic skills independently. Well done.frown



noFriday 15th January


Apostolos has mastered the skill of writing his name hooray! After lots of practise and perseverance, he can form recognisable letters to write his name on his work. Well done Apostolos, a fantastic achievement! no


Dorothy has written a super set of instructions explaining how to make popcorn! Mrs Neville ws very impressed with the way she applied her phonic sounds to write the words she needed for her work. Well done.If you want to know how to make popcorn, just ask Dorothy! no



Friday 8th January


Daniel  has written a super duper letter to Father Christmas this week. He is trying really hard to write his cursive letters, include his bookmark words use his phonic knowledge to write simple words. Father Christmas will be very impressed! 


Henry N has come into school all week without bunny! Poor bunny, we hope he is ok at home, but Henry has had a super week  being a very grown up boy without bunny. Well done Henry.