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¡Hola! from Spain

Hola Year 3/4, 
I hope you have settled in well into your new classes. It sounds like you have got a very exciting term learning about chocolate! I'm disappointed I'm missing all of the delicious chocolate tasting! 
I have settled in well in Spain and am trying my best to learn some Spanish. It is the 'Festes de la Mercè' in Spain at the moment where they celebrate the end of summer. This means they have lots of music, fireworks and dancing for a week. Barcelona is a very busy city and there is always something new happening. 

I enjoyed visiting lots of the main attractions of Barcelona over the summer holiday. Have any of you visited Barcelona before? You may have heard of the Segrada Familia, which is a large church designed by Gaudi. I have also visited the Barcelona FC football ground but have yet to watch a match there. 

Keep working hard and I look forward to seeing all of the fantastic work you have been doing. Adiós!
Mrs Fowler 

Segrada Familia

Segrada Familia  1

To Mrs Fowler...

Hello year 3/4, 
I see that you have been very busy creating some exciting chocolate adverts and tasting different types of chocolate! I hope you are enjoying your topic. 
I have been working in a International School on Barcelona. It is very different from Headlands Primary school and I am enjoying finding out about teaching in a different country. First of all, Primary school goes up to year 7 so I have taught children that would be in secondary school in England. They also have longer days than you do and don't finish until 4.30. The children mainly speak Spanish or Catalan as their first language and speak English as their second or third language! 
There are also many things that are the same as your school. Lots of the children enjoy playing football at break time and they have a school council like we have at Headlands. They also learn about similar topics as we do in England, although I haven't seen any classes learning about chocolate yet!
Last week I was lucky enough to have some time to go and visit Madrid. Madrid is the capital city in Spain. I have heard that some of the year 6 children at Headlands might be doing an exchange with some children in Madrid. It is a fantastic city and I really enjoyed visiting. It just so happened that Athlético Madrid were playing Benfica when I was there and I got to go and watch the football match. I enjoyed visiting The Palacio Real de Madrid which is the Royal palace (a bit like we have Buckingham palace in London). 
The weather is still sunny here and it is very strange to see conkers on the ground when I am walking around in shorts and a t-shirt! 
Keep up all your good work. I've really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to on the school website.
Adiós por ahora, 
Mrs Fowler