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Half Term Overview


The last half of the Summer term, we will be studying the end of the Stone Age, and how that became the Bronze Age and, in turn, the Iron Age.


How did Stone Age man begin using metals? What did they use new metals for? What were the advantages to using Bronze and Iron?



On Thursday 4th June we will be visiting the Yorkshire Museum in the town centre. We will be taking part in a workshop called 'Prehistoric Progress', where we will get some hands-on experiences of life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.


Which animals live in the desert, and just how do they survive? Which animals live in our country; in the towns and countryside? Year 3/4 will be finding out all about animal habitats - where animals live and why.


Why not play this game to start you thinking about animal habitats?




The Stone Age

During the Summer Term, Year 3/4 will be travelling back in time further than we ever have before, as we study the Stone Age!


You can find out a little bit more about Stone Age life here:


And you can watch this video to get an idea of what a day in the life of a Stone Age child might have been like...

A Day in the Life Of A 10-Year-Old in Ancient Britain (BBC)


Can you name all the parts of a plant? Do you know the function of each of those parts? Could you describe the process of photosynthesis? Can you list all the things a plant needs to grow well?


Year 3/4 will find out the answers to these questions and more as they discover more about the fascinating world of plants this term in Science!



Ancient Egyptians

The Spring term will see Year 3/4 studying the Ancient Egyptians; including who they were, when they lived, what their lives were like, their gods and rituals, why the River Nile was so important, and, of course, the gruesome topic of mummification! angel

We will be thinking about more Egyptian questions as we travel into the past and discover more about these fascinating people... for a sneak preview and to help get you thinking about the topic, you could read the factsheet below.

Ancient Egypt Factsheet

Light and Shadow

For the last two weeks of the Spring term we will be looking at our science topic of Light and Shadow. We'll be learning about sources of light, why light is important, how shadows are made and how they can be changed.

Watch the video below to start you thinking about the topic...