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Half term overview

Ancient Rome


This half term onwards we will be learning more about what the ancient Romans did for us. We will also be taking part in the archaeological dig at the new community stadium site in Huntington! The area is thought to be the site of ancient Roman ruins. You never know what we may find - it could be history in the making! Check out these websites below to find out more.


Summer Term (April 2015)

Yes, it's that time of year again! Our Y6 children will be undergoing preparation for the upcoming national Key Stage 2 SATs. They are working hard but still playing hard too! We are currently having a real focus on Shakespeare, in particular 'The Scottish Play' (see our other Y5/6 areas for more details). This term we welcome Miss Hampshire back as a student teacher. Miss Hampshire is based in Mrs. Long's class but will be working with children across Y5/6.


Spring Term (January 2015)


The Rainforest

During the spring term we will be learning all about rainforests around the world. From endangered animals to deforestation, indigenous art to stories from other cultures.



This half term, we have lots of exciting lessons planned to learn all about The Groovy Greeks including lots of map work, artwork and even having our own Greek day! In our history lessons, we will be finding out about how the Ancient Greeks lived.


In literacy, we will be focusing on improving our writing using sensational sentences. Soon we will be reading and writing our own Greek myths.


The year six children will be participating in cycle training towards the end of the half term. We will let you know details nearer the time.


It looks like it's going to be an fantastic half term!

Have a look at the links below - these will give you some information about the kind of things we will be looking at.

The Greek Gods

Get a crash course on the heavenly residents of Mount Olympus.

Daily life in Athens edited.wmv

Daily life in Athens