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Dear Parents,

I recognise that children sometimes learn methods in school now which you won't necessarily have seen before. There tend to be more in-between stages for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division now; methods which break numbers down a little more so that children can understand exactly what they're doing and why. My hope is that the document below will help you to support your child in their maths at home. It explains the methods that we use, progressively, so that you can see where they should be working now, as well as the next stage on. 

Helping Your Child Succeed

Success in mathematics can be achieved much easier and quicker when a child enjoys maths and has a confidence in their own ability. This can be tough sometimes, especially if a child knows that they struggle. However, there are ways to build confidence and self-esteem in maths. Simply playing maths games with them at home, encouraging them when they do something correctly, challenging them in their times tables or with quick mental maths questions on a regular basis, can all help build that knowledge and self-belief.

The documents below just give you a few ideas to encourage your child to use maths regularly through games and activities you can play with them any time.