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February 2015

Friday 27th February 2015


Miss Bolton's class star this week is Eleanor for her brilliant work during maths this week. Our focus was subtraction calculations, and Eleanor whizzed through her work and even carried it on with her take-away calculations at home! She even did a few triple whammy sums using subtraction AND addition! So well done Eleanor for your super whizzy subtraction work this week. Well done and keep up the good work. smiley


A huge well congratulations to Alfie-George for demonstrating some excellent hockey skills in our P.E lesson this week. We also wanted to say a BIG well done for your positive attitude towards your learning.smiley  no

Friday 6th February


Miss Bolton's star this week is Eliza Storey, for her creative, imaginative and consistent working in the Forest school sessions so far. Every week, she has spent time making a 'bird sanctuary', complete with mini surf boards for sparrow recreational activities, and beds made out of shoes. She has built on her creation with her friends every week and deserves a thumbs up for her focus and imagination and sticking to an activity week on week. Well done Eliza and chums! smiley


End of half term Celebration Assembly awards:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Rowan and Oscar were awarded the Forest School Award for their teamwork,creativity, imagination and focus when working outside. If there was an award for 'Getting the most covered in mud' then I think Rowan would take that award as well!! Well done boys :)
Picture 1
Here is Sophia receiving the Reception star award because that is exactly what she is! She always comes to school with a big smile on her face, a positive attitude towards the school day and always tries her best in all of her school work. Well done superstar Sophia! smiley
Picture 1
Gregory and Eleanor are this half term's behaviour stars and their reward was a trip to the Aroma cafe in Haxby. We hope you had a great afternoon, and it was thoroughly deserved! frown

Friday 13th February 2015


Daniel in Miss Bolton's class was this week's star, for his conserved and focussed effort during his independent writing activity. He nearly wrote three full sentences about the special people in his life and why they are important to him. He tried really hard to apply all of his writing skills and also to read his own writing back to everyone in assembly. Well done Daniel, Keep up the hard work no